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Abrupt nozzles for a drill and the screw gun. How to expand funktsionalnat the tool  See details »

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  • 00:00: [music] Hello Most people It uses a drill or without screwdriver hole drilling twirl screws but also occasionally as a mixer to stir the putty or paint but there are quite a a large number of dog accessories which can much extend the functionality your instrument Today will see 10 but such shove before you start I want to recommend Man who channel humor to describe unpacking inexpensive parcels from China such electronic cigarette stick Star Wars Men's
  • 00:30: wallets and more other good mood all day and a lot of necessary for life things can be found at sending channel from China Adapter Sperling grain drills 1001 is Jess Sands for a clamping and processing pipe diameter from 18 to 80 millimeters holding They will be able to blank very high accuracy drill opening and at assistance systems positioning the tool can be regulate its height within 40 millimeters and
  • 01:00: crowns care within 100 grams many will universal taste device for production sharpening company kaindl it can be make edits saw a drill drive diameter 20 Riesz millimeters and handheld tools such
  • 01:30: as axes and chisels gardening scissors hand saws, and so further tool can be fixed any position relation to grinding discs with using special prizes thrust pins in your all grinding ROM can also be turn every a comfortable position for by a hinge keep drills [music]
  • 02:12: if you need siphon or pump out small the volume of fluid in the help will come head maximum pump the depth of water intake in these baits up to 4 meters height supply of 40 meters maximum dry running when the cycle performance from the spider to 3000 liters at one o'clock combat situations
  • 02:58: when necessary drill opening or tighten the screw in inaccessible a place where you do not podlezesh usual drill or screwdriver much facilitate such work can corner tips how to sew builders are allow screwed Maria for right around the corner Sector Head
  • 03:31: drill rod allows cut all types power cable diameter up to 100 millimeters and chain steel cables the diameter of the rope 22 millimeter diameter and link flails 10 mm weight tool 3 kilogram Ira removable nozzle intended for mechanical plucking in birds field and home conditions it represents metal with sick drum
  • 04:01: fingers offered for sale different models their main nozzles difference is size mechanical their fingers and the number of jobs with small birds fingers 5 centimeters for working with large 9 centimeters if present large volume prisoner work it might be worth buy on the bid which Riveter increase performance labor adjustment 1 Rivet takes only only half seconds The operator does not
  • 04:31: We need to apply any physical efforts principle of operation tips on the screwdriver is no different from work battery the Riveter difference is that as the drive used a separate tool drill or screwdriver if you have no skill hand sharpening drills and you do not want to spend much money on successful machines perhaps you interest cap
  • 05:01: to drill for sharpening drill inside the plastic casing head is shaped grinding wheel namely it sets the angle grinding 118 degrees Unfortunately other sharpening angles set you can not use This attachment can be sharpening drill 3s plug 10 millimeter Also included spare grinding a rock his feet does not like a river
  • 05:37: fish from the fact that falls fairly a long time to tinker with cleaning the neck may you change your views if the base You see this attachment Cricket other sediment
  • 06:10: such actions party plastic scissors is used for cutting sheet metal, they stand out from the two special cutting heads such attachments It is a good help when sliced metal or sheeting their use deformed material obtained flat beautiful sections Unlike the cut Bulgarian is not is burned protective coating misery for Ukraine forgives corrosion of today to all write any comments
  • 06:40: tips you used and what impressions were alone or in heads like acquire subscribe to canal front lot interesting yet