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The bus in Egypt - The visa is - mind it is not necessary! - Ural pelmeni

The bus in Egypt - The visa is - mind it is not necessary! - Ural pelmeni  See details »

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  • 00:00: the more you buy magnets in Egypt the more you pull home to the refrigerator 300 round of risk top 300 leaving there something very nice want or new coach old wheel let's go tinctures hello my name is possible
  • 00:34: just misha trampolines only muscle and his name is Ahmed you can just things but he likes to listen, it's worth while to offend you and alcohol alcohol can be all good you can pour it will drink more
  • 01:04: says not to return from just the third his elder brother elder brother must be give way look and rest but while the legs are desert look again here again, the bed 20 there is a big store there
  • 01:37: very much everything you can try karkade and you can try try there arcs and at 30 parfum very good batch of oil egypt very good they even such Good as in Paris only the best they are cheaper and smell differently the third time in Egypt is the same tells if the music will refuse and Only have Kirkors only nose and
  • 02:08: let's Gerhard [applause] map [music] what's happening you must buy gold
  • 02:38: very good summer egypt very good Quality plant it is softer and us to distinguish gold in the course of the matter does not deal with the zone there need assiduity and attention to Misha I do not care about Ossetia therefore driver we will arrive hotel we will arrive now just come first village Bedouins and it is possible, I will not go out of the bus and do not find we will go himself will take what's on the soul
  • 03:10: batteries he says he will establish why the camel must water a city to change this when this hotel is taken match beams, people can not and can not live without water five days before mate 8 days
  • 03:42: so we 'll go faster quickly Let's go, let 's go, let 's go where the bus is. It should be so that it will not only be for porridge on hands will go mini-hotel here natashin here [music] you