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  • 00:00: my friends our favorite alla Kovalchuk nearly He was hospitalized with poisoning and the reason to processed cheese Now Alia share this terrible stories and at the same time teach us cook delicious home safe cream meet my cheese Yegor you okay healthy while we are alive not learn how says grief we do not we verify really It happened to me and my girlfriend I'm walking around the city with to start its long-standing school friend at
  • 00:30: card and alphabet is not We are seen going to melt I live near here, I but an empty fridge she speaks quickly popem tea or hlebushek flame shirts take 2 smelted a reference series 0 la-la-la tore grass does not drink tea and 1 I ate for the sake of respect small piece it is one sandwich 2 batteries by previously change a person can hungry while learn spoken said look something my galyusha but rather hangs hand bad on so if so it does not matter feels such as how well in stomach stomach is not on location but a joke
  • 01:00: jokes I had call an ambulance and you, too, was bad Zlata left little eating but little that I got Little did I think that this cheese or in store or when its all in the past Cadets the fire is not correct stored cream cheese is a product we already We used to buy us honestly saying that it seems home to cook impossible or will cook half a day so that they no longer want no mass chart of trust me to prepare cheese is very soon it will you completely know what kind of quality
  • 01:30: and get you where he will have kept farther out the most important thing that they will now be the dispute to it not agree cheese cream can be cook for 7 minutes for that I need search for your favorite Heiner stopwatch it means love bet when our who will speak the dispute is pants and pores let's let's bet Alia minutes once you I volunteered to argue and I'm sure that is fused cheese in 7 minutes way
  • 02:00: do not cook at home then I have one such a poser Now I know that I it is necessary to solve it is not so She does not want a lot and behind the refrigerator need for for fridge February 1 Well type wash all hands are not home to spiders live a new arms well and according as thou then she'll wash and Now one will put it well you'll be on me mock and laugh that I was not there actor there maybe but it only if you win if 7 minutes to cook and
  • 02:30: it will be the same delicious or worse than the store I I bought the cream good water quality In it, I absolutely sure and then our dear guests will be able to compare sandwiches cheese that you prepared and sandwiches store-bought melted cheese and whether they will taste good equally only what I I want to say at once that my cheese is cooked 7 minutes, he we will be his he will try still warm and so he It will taste. no-no-no-no-no-no, my time and so I wait
  • 03:00: I am going to say quantity ingredients and toad needed for prodoty already means we need cheese secondary wife sitting 15 interest will gumball normal shelf kg of one egg baking soda half a spoon and butter myagenkaya 100 grams and the amounts added for taste I turn on the stove it does not include cooking show how to prepare and then click on say I put a let heated water bath
  • 03:30: we need water bath is nothing not all will burn pinpoint started so take curd I take the teacher to get enough sleep here half a kilo of cheese Of course with my street kitchen machine You can start with 7 minutes, we put all the well said arm nothing happens Here you are, I I remember you, too cottage cheese and 15 percent add soda floor teaspoon you should remember that one kilogram cottage cheese is one
  • 04:00: teaspoon baking soda and elk and why so important relationship here cheese and soda, if not You wait me distracting and I do not I manage and let me tell you when will not cook failed to divert the focus me so it's ready and Now one egg breakin bowl a little salt even a little bit of sugar salt sugar from cheese
  • 04:30: We will taste better use our kitchen machine that can realize several processes both are now with the nozzle food processor, we Grind until uniform consistency peremeshaem cheese soda and nozzle corolla will churn egg until fluffy only consistency adjustable speed enjoy process without effort from our side soprano so you are ready to
  • 05:06: Now remove the curds I see there is already water boiled water here is now in full swing I send broken 100 cheese and a cha anyone there is such a beautiful cooking tips processor or blender and pass through a sieve across consistency should be be like this here homogeneous than it seems the cream on us hostess for some In order to better dad It was on the grinder Perry then let
  • 05:37: through a screen that's you Make sure today that processed cheese cooked very easily it is very tasty and the most important thing now I'm safe Here is a saucepan I put on a water bath but you I'll heat up I sew all the ponies that it will occur Komkova Gas were on and a skier I asked why soda namely per kilogram from primary to if we add soda a lot of the mass of our It will be very liquid
  • 06:07: soda loosen cottage cheese and 8 too liquid cheese plans hardens around to be add liquid if little one obtains socks and grains Court to do it loosens and cheese mass is obtained from us homogeneous so remember one 1 kg of cheese teaspoon baking soda food Alia's shops processed cheese he sourness practically no and here we curd We use and curd all the same will not sour our processed cheese I advise no sour
  • 06:37: buy cottage cheese on but you try to market even with the shop cheese will good flaming light Matyushenko I understand that your task to whip me and How to talk to pantalyku fiery our cheese will not be Now caisson mix cheese first hard this curd hard consistency and now much easier to like this air mass getting it right felt when you mix spoon here now already on the temperature at bottom here now They are beginning to stretch
  • 07:08: ie strings cheese begins melt and why add all the egg egg here and executes role and emulsifier to our life was a stringy not know such as how to says our gear and rubber anything that we turns raw and all add and we wake warm the thermal this is treated as you see and there is a why they Wrapper cheeks know everything
  • 07:38: hairs did not want would be that instead of to be poisoned store-bought processed cheeses Atanas pay poisoned pet processed cheeses according to our recipe does this happen I can not be a question of the day I I honestly all right to just people would understand how it is done Now we have separated Ivar. after all, that's what it becomes find nor see I boiling temperature I removed the water but I'm still a little bit I hate to keep for to have no
  • 08:08: Separate serum Wall fervently not to it was here that we see We became a lesson But in a lot of this here myagenko not sticky already quite curds but not processed cheese now we're here Add the egg that knocked add egg now we have to mix mass united with egg and then again put on water bath until Alia did not forget
  • 08:38: please and time I remember we must also one minute to on allowance because the opponent is always the kitchen harder to prepare our you do not become my kitchen to call someone else's eggs already we do not have it joined his now begin like the cheese to you say what yellower yolk all cheese has you such pain cream
  • 09:09: color can be like that bring Pavka Of course I say yes and Alia that remains one minute so well that all mass united we have left ingredients on the table only for its members and oil and 100 grams oil if you add more oil your life will be more dense, we will snap off us what you want, I
  • 09:39: I want to spread what sends somewhere 50 grams we are on the sandwiches and Now intervene butter butter melts Now that is fast our main task is to oil mingled with Curd and what will think for my fridge find Inkov everything all at Duchamp yes I can not believe you It has been 20 seconds before 6 minutes and 40
  • 10:10: instead of seven seconds which you promised but dry matter that you I have seen very little talking to I was very I am afraid we must talk but you City Council will not put the record is not so but slowly for 10 minutes You can also call even say anything Alia's fine I praise extol Well actually because of the speed I see that the resulting mass quite similar to processed cheese it now still liquid to but because hot but the taste is the same, we absolutely nothing yet
  • 10:40: I do not know why not giving up in advance say goodbye to refrigerator. Well it is necessary that this processed cheese Now our cool We will not charge much speaking here when you are done cheese, you do not put it in refrigerator you'll take a skillet some special mold on the lime tree Alia will be able to butter we see sprinkles from there a little cheese It cools down in a room and then submit to refrigerator not to cover until there was no condensation then you can cover paper certainly wipe I need from plenochki we will have condensed this cheese may be
  • 11:11: improve stop its taste due to the physical Additives that is you saw that the store submit sold and bacon and conspiracy and sun-dried tomatoes now it is fashionable all all additives are you will add cheese they must go heat treatment even if you want to add 1 Dill does not mean you washed dis or cut and added to to life your stored need be sure to douse boiling water in dry and only Campus rock cools and we're on a cup coffee come thanks to Duchamp updated nescafe
  • 11:42: classic Alla every morning Senka and how long can such cheese if you are ready to store all zil the right to two Weeks can store a cheese but if it in cheese e.g. deep freeze then freeze extract portions of it already about three months stored in a freezer wonderful Alia as I promised I Now fetch shoplifter cream cheese lasagna and forgotten thought the show as He promised to start wash the refrigerator
  • 12:12: capsule krasivenkaya yes it is here such cream soft cheese that conveniently spread on sandwiches in his as I am sure of taste too we are now Salai prepare sandwiches with different types of cheese with it its main cheese I with shops and then you try these sandwiches as we We define won alla in our today's debate or I lost and I just Now recall how we home cooked Valuable cream Take cheese curds
  • 12:42: fat content of not less than 15 percent soda egg butter salt sugar, mix cottage cheese and soda grind in a blender then put cottage cheese on water bath Stir for 5 minutes to the cheese fully melted separately whisk the egg season with salt and add then enter the sugar in processed cheese thawed cheese add weight butter stir until complete dissolution if necessary, more just chop cheese mass blender Put ready
  • 13:12: cheese in dish greased oil or boxing and send to refrigerator to complete solidification before we will submit decision that is understand who is still in I won the argument offer you my dear try two kinds of sandwiches on the green and yellow now our plates Assistant you will make for wine and then you need will answer a question as you might think which of sandwiches with melted cheese cooked scarlet So we decide whether similar he or store no am and the main remember that Volynov
  • 13:42: Novice does not have any errors only have Love to you and warmth soul and with druzhban Nadia and refrigerator Echelon also cheese Friends help yourself you are welcome take two plates please earphone and so you you see that this qi we are prepared here right now, and two beautiful jars I I brought it up to you And I think from what I
  • 14:12: I like to collect tomatoes Mushrooms We could not have walked green green try appetizing not say anything because I face interested but you my dear We are already prepared to respond on you a little bit unsalted be given a little more salt just the people they do not ask know where your cheese, Well someone who unsalted than it will give its secrets
  • 14:42: raise your hands who considers that processed cheese cooked scarlet on the sandwich in yellow plates as well Now who thinks that processed cheese cooked Alia on sandwich in the green I see that the plate opinions are divided almost half a cheese sandwich she cooked in green but half of the plate Our guests did not able to identify
  • 15:12: so, he equally delicious as in an indirect qualitative cream shops cheese I want to still have additives tried greens now I I try like al dill on most the main thing you remember yes thermal processed and add more hot life tips for me it tastier than the shops Alia magically I think refrigerator and even I correctly hostess I and should my success safe delicious
  • 15:42: homemade cream cheese on