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Mussovy cake Snickers ☆ Mousse cake Snickers  See details »

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  • 00:00: Good day today I will share with you recipe mass cake snickers probably this is the most requested recipe the last time so our cake will be to consist of chocolate biscuit from caramel soup custard salt caramel mousse and will be decorated peanuts definitely for cooking us
  • 00:31: need salty caramel and chocolate biscuit too do not delay the video data links recipes I'll leave in the description to salted video caramels to us one serving for filling and for decoration and chocolate biscuit boiling water we also need one portion chocolate biscuit I bake in the form of 21 centimeter readiness biscuit check wooden stick inserted in middle of it should go dry and
  • 01:01: clean after that biscuit cool and divide into coriander thick about one and a half to two centimeter for of this cake to us you will need 2 also we will use peanuts you can simply take fried or salted peanuts and slightly salty caramels for decorations for a start prepare the ring y me ring with a diameter 20 centimeters bottom we tighten the rings food film so how will i collect
  • 01:31: cake upside down shape or ring film- tight set on chopping board the pavements are paved acetate film or dense clerical files ends I am for convenience I fix clothespins now we need soak gelatin for each of the mousses to us will need 14 gram of gelatin and 80 milliliters of cold water for his
  • 02:02: soaking also for caramel musa to us need 250 milliliters of cream 80 milliliters of milk 60 grams of sugar 1 egg and 200 grams of salted caramel milk pour into a saucepan and bring it to boiling bird add sugar and mix corolla with active
  • 02:34: beating fine to pour a trickle egg hot milk stir everything up complete dissolution sugar transfusion back to the stewpan and send to the plate on average fire to us it is necessary to boil the custard continuous stirring to light thickening further we filter it through a sieve to
  • 03:04: remove curled pieces of eggs if they suddenly appeared in a custard we introduce warm salted caramel and add swollen gelatin after that we need stir the mixture until homogeneity and complete dissolution gelatin after which cool to room temperature temperatures
  • 03:34: while the base cools down for caramel soup we can do cooking custard mousse for him to us also need 14 gram of gelatin 80 milliliters cold water for his soaking 170 milliliters of milk 250 milliliters of fatty whipping cream 50 grams of sugar 1 egg and
  • 04:05: plus one yolk preparing this mousse in much the same way as the previous one milk is brought to boiling to one egg and yolk we add sugar slightly stir at continuous stirring infusion hot milk all stir to homogeneity and complete dissolution sugar further all this return back stewpan and medium
  • 04:35: fire at continuous stirring we bring until lightly thickened we pass through a sieve add swollen gelatine and stir to homogeneity and complete dissolution gelatin further to us This basis to cool down to room temperatures and in the meantime
  • 05:05: we'll take 250 milliliters of fatty cream for caramel soup cream we use very cold better to hold the night in the refrigerator a before whipping minutes 30 in freezer start Whip Cream minimum revs gradually increasing speed mixer up to the maximum whipped cream we introduce cooled caramel base and mix all to uniformity by the way the darker
  • 05:37: initially you caramel especially saturated caramel you will have mousse in we divide it into two equal parts and one of the parts are poured into prepared form or ring level surface and you can knock slightly board about the table now we need this mousse cool down its surface grabbed send it to freezer and in the meantime
  • 06:07: we'll take 250 milliliters of fatty cream for the second mousse in whipped cream add cooled to room temperature temperatures custard and stir everything up homogeneity ready muse also divided into two equal parts for this easier total use Libra when the first mousse
  • 06:43: the layer grabbed put it on him second layer on top sprinkle with peanuts amount of peanuts depends on exclusively from your taste more you can again send musa freezer And you can not wait and gently lay on top of a biscuit by the way notice the sponge cake I baked form 21 centimeter now I'm collecting cake form 20 centimeters because
  • 07:14: that the sponge cake lightly settles down after full cooling I did not have enough here height shape therefore I'm increasing the height due to the fact that I insert one more Acetate film layer then repeat the layers lay out caramel muse send to freezer more lay out creamy mousse sprinkle with peanuts and we finish all this layer of chocolate biscuit after which cake should be good cool to layers
  • 07:44: seized between and frozen it will take approximately 6 8 hours in the fridge after the lapse of necessary time push aside the food film and carefully remove the ring we remove acetate film and carefully
  • 08:14: turn the cake for serving dish or substrate decorate cake on your wish I poured it salty caramel and sprinkled peanut by the way biscuit can be made
  • 08:45: smaller diameter and drown him in a mousse after which to cover cake mirror glaze taste of cake very unusual balanced and not Sugary sweetness chocolate biscuit
  • 09:15: and caramel soup shades light creamy taste practically not sweet custard musa and the picture supplements salted caramel + crunch peanut be sure to cook and enjoy as I always wish luck is not on the kitchen be afraid experiment see you soon