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  • 00:00: day accession Squares I I joined three
  • 00:30: square when I was knitting February 1 He joins as a 3 side too He joins as a I have now 4 side I will connect two sides have around the loin 4 square fan faith It consists of five small element Central here are 3 we We do not touch not
  • 01:01: attach here You see here he I stayed here was when connecting with us Now these are 2 But elements 1 and 4 5 and here, too, that's the elements and these I have connected elements Square 1 fan completely and the second fan contact only 3 element now I 4 I will knit and do when connecting in this
  • 01:32: fourth place, too small element to have been seen well I get along these elements plane someone who already knows how to tell me first square connects it can be connected all hands on weight but then I was not very so too are not connected very visible so I'm going to do it is on the plane and talk like this
  • 02:02: make for a beginner therefore continue knit fan watching according to the scheme provyazyvaem 10 stitches arochki cow hitch unfold
  • 02:34: canvas provyazyvaem 14 5 columns, without sc 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 further unfold fabric do 3 air hinges
  • 03:04: rise and now will connect we attach to this element small in here I stick blade It can be in the third Air loop need between the posts We apply our loop which element knit and stretch further provyazyvaem over the second column column with sc
  • 03:34: on the next the second column column next the third and next April 4 column with sc then again 10 stitches unfold
  • 04:08: canvas provyazyvaem 14 columns without sc Knit 14 columns sc without further 3 air hinges take out the hook stick next small element's apply loop and stretch further provyazyvaem the next column column with sc next post with
  • 04:43: sc on the third column and 4 on a drawing we have linked these 5 small items under the arches we provyazyvaem 5 columns with nakida January 2 March 4 and 5, here it is this
  • 05:15: in front of will continue attached to this member provyazyvaem 10 stitches and 14 columns without sc we tied 14 columns without sc unfold
  • 05:46: provyazyvaem web 3 air hinges I stick the hook element's apply loop and stretch further provyazyvaem 4 column with sc and second provyazyvaem
  • 06:17: element attachable Now here in this place we joined the second element then knit 3 is not also joined 10 stitches on These columns without sc, etc. the third element we knit nowhere We attach like this Just as in these squares they see
  • 06:48: when not connected we connect all four Then we join them between themselves in order so there was not much holes, and they are not bristled in the product how to knit a video I I do not see on the video is bars very then slowly video It will be an hour when stretched we are students offline knit something we beginners square
  • 07:20: This can knit 3 hours and more so if you only beginning budding knitter you can printed circuit group and when knitting watch the video Press pause and Knit in an easy to following your own pace small or Mentik we were binding 10 air loops
  • 07:51: cow hitch We attach a arochki unfold cloth and tied abyss columns After 14 columns without nakida we provyazyvaem unfold provyazyvaem web 3 aerial loops and We look where we are We will work hard attached to this square means medium medium eq smallest element skip here and here top to work hard hook's apply
  • 08:21: loop and more we continue to knit after of our drawing 4 column with nakida 1 2 3 and 4, and then follow the last item fifth knit 10
  • 08:51: stitches We attach a arches and do while crepe in this element the last five 3 provyazyvaem element air hinges I stick the hook and apply our loop go on Knit according to the scheme 4 column with sc on a drawing by
  • 09:25: arochki provyazyvaem 5 columns with nakida January 2 3 4 5 and then we have another last time join to this square
  • 09:55: a drawing 10 stitches under the arches next We do with crepe cow hitch unfold sheet under the arches provyazyvaem 14 7 columns, without sc 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 3 do air hinges
  • 10:35: and this element is immediately we are nothing skip this item 1 do joining more With 4 column and nakida a drawing by the following knit element 10 14, no air
  • 11:06: sc and do while crepe in the EC element a little past joining this element's apply stretch and provyazyvaem 4 column with nakida March 2 and 4
  • 11:36: on a drawing, we We have yet to link like these 3 or less 10 air to knit loops join deaf meander Presents and more 14 columns without sc unwrap 5 columns with sc or rather with 4 column and loop 3 nakida recovery
  • 12:06: So I knitted 5 further elements of drawing under the arches we provyazyvaem 5 columns with sc rather 4 because 5 this we loop when we rise We began to remember knitting
  • 12:37: 13 air they are 10 cow hitch and The threads are cut filling empty holes between cells squares thread and tie provyazyvaem so two thread air loop then two or three times on May 4
  • 13:07: But for 5 aircraft loops we reached vertices We do next 3 sc enter the following square top next square on 3 nakida top next post with three and three sc
  • 13:38: sc top next and as we chain of the air loops little say thinner than the bars you can knit on air loops cow hitch then work hard in
  • 14:09: each air loop provyazyvaem cow hitch deaf and deaf loop blade cut the thread and dressed with one It can get
  • 14:44: to do when connecting during knitting when you are knitting 5, the element for it will need Knit just such chain next time when you a second tie element tie chain let out five aircraft Join now the top of this chain who descend can comfortably then when connecting
  • 15:14: already connected connected to all the web Now connect this here hole