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  • 00:00: In this video I'm going to teach this beautiful flower knitting crochet knitted This cute flower You can apply bags ornaments mat table runners or some fabric flowers that you wish to apply for this cute knitting Flower will use three colors of wool one thick white color melon and orange This is the habitat but will put fingers to reach the thickness of these they may also be used any and what you wish to do so even
  • 00:32: they can weave and thin and let's knit with crochet number 4.5 mm Let's start first by the Home knot thus this way then we will weave 123456 six chains chains and we to be joined with the first point slipped
  • 01:02: chain with the last So this way and we will form this small milestone that come in here This habit we will fill 16 high points first let's put up three chains and on let's weave high points and thus the high points They will also have chains
  • 01:33: They will count one 234 chains will continue to have 16 I have 567 here will be well up 16 after having completed the 16 high points will form this circle It will draw in the third string we started with a point slipped and thus closes in
  • 02:04: fabric woven string and cut the thread Now let's put the color Orange put the hook between chains and put the high point there crochet tie orange color They were to weave a chain then down them and was left over to complete three chains here we
  • 02:35: one two three once weave three chains will knitting in each high point two points high chains here also we will count as high point then in that same spot again knitting another high point so now at the high point following weave together two high points here We have 1 and 2 and two together in one point high point following
  • 03:09: also weaves two points to two together and they will complete all back in Each high point will weave two points high until I got here once completing all around the orange color will have a total of 32 high points in all 32 is necessary for the count for this entire round to tie in the third chain with a point
  • 03:40: then slipped a chain weave and cut the thread Now let's put the color melon equally between the highest point and chains crochet gets put on it and it down and left it in the first chain So this way we will now weave six chains Here we have woven the first will weaving 23 45 66 chains and we will weave
  • 04:11: high colons and two thrown in each high point They are having the base point following double weave high point and double high point 12 then again chains double high point in the point that if they go to knit double high point two chains
  • 04:42: 12 another double high point So this way they will complete all around all the same will have 32 these double high point after complete all around them will be So this way we see everything fabric with double separate high point two chains now to close this
  • 05:13: third round will tie in No. 4 1,234 chain here left in point slipped so now let's start filling the flower will lift one two three chains and will weave in Total counting with seven chains high points Above these chains here this side and will raise this and only
  • 05:43: they will take into account these chains and on them we will weave seven points having high chains Here are two counting chain 1 2 3 4 May High 67 points so in this manner seven below
  • 06:14: chains now put the tissue and by this side were to re-weave the seven top spots but here for the left side now under this double high point and This is going to be here so you They go so well this and catch and front They begin to weave the seven high points here we have 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 7 points
  • 06:44: high as we see first filled here then here now once They do this to continue in chains They will weave three high points in the two
  • 07:16: chains see tissue in the back previous We have a high point 2 and 3 Now let's repeat this again seven top points that we will have here then these seven here as ben will so have this form up down up put the hook down here here the sun double high point and on it
  • 07:46: weaves in seven high points now 1234567 we will return to repeat what we have here on the left side on this side as well to my left down here will to knit
  • 08:21: seven top spots like these up to twice as high point lift 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 As you can see already is noticing the way now again repeat the three high points
  • 08:53: under these two chains 1 2 and 3 once they arrive here as Here again we repeat all the seven top spots in this double point higher then the other seven high points at this point and another double high here go down then they will continue here weave the three highest points in these chains and they will continue all the back to get here
  • 09:25: Now when they reach the end here They also complete the three high points 1 2 and 3 Now to end in the third chain which we had started in the point and slipped so as well was complete all the flower then to complete all woven 123
  • 09:57: chains and they will draw in part behind and with a sliding point weave a and cut the thread chain So this way as we have already seen I finished knitting all this pretty flower this and what is left we will
  • 10:34: hide As you can see we 're done knitting all this flower and lots genil or will them be more teeny now in video continues I'm going to teach knitting this cute sheet You see here these flowers to decorate This is not the only flower who has I also taught many channel
  • 11:04: flowers and teach them visit my dinner tissues canal miracle and there You can see other flowers