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  • 00:00: hi everyone its Jennifer from fiber flux in this video I will show you how to finger knit finger knitting is fun and easy and uses a minimum amount of tools to finger knit you'll need a ball of yarn a pair of scissors and your fingers I have here a small swatch of finger knitting that I've completed and as you
  • 00:31: can see it makes a rope like project and depending on how big your fingers are adult fingers or kids fingers your rope will vary in size this is a great project to do with kids because it doesn't require a hook or needles however if you're doing this with very young children you'll want to help them with the scissors part so let's get started to move our little sample here and what you'll want to do to start is to pull a
  • 01:04: little bit of yarn off your yarn ball and your fingers are going to become the loom so what I like to do is just pull a little tail and hold it with my thumb and then what you're going to do is you're going to come under your finger over the next finger under the next finger and then around your pinky so it'll look kind of like that and you're going to come back up over this finger under this finger and over this finger it's going to look kind of like this and
  • 01:35: then you're going to do it one more time go over under and around your pinky over under and around your index finger so when you are finished you'll have two loops on each finger so what you're going to do next and you can give this a little tug just to keep things nice and snug and so this doesn't get too loopy
  • 02:05: looking so what you're going to do next is you're going to take the loop that's on the bottom and lift it up and over and off of your finger just like that next one up over and off of your finger up over and off of your finger up over and off of your finger just like that and you can give everything a nice little tug to Snug everything up then what I like to do is just push
  • 02:37: everything down just a little bit so it'll look like that now you'll have one loop on each finger so then you'll just keep going take your yarn tail the one that's connected to the ball and go over your middle finger under your ring finger around your pinky come back over your ring finger under your in middle finger and around your index finger so now you have two loops on your fingers
  • 03:07: again so you're going to lift up and off same way we did before up and off up and off and you might want to bend your fingers that helps to up and off just like that so then you can just push it down so you're just going to keep repeating this process for as long as you would like your project to be and
  • 03:37: just keep lifting these loops up over and off and then after you complete each one just push them down a little bit so they don't pop off the ends of your fingers you can keep everything nice and tight this stays down here at the bottom just like that so you can just keep going as long as you like and then just push everything down so if you flip it
  • 04:12: over you can see we're getting a little bit of a little rope here so I'm going to leave you for a moment and come back after I've done a few more rows just to show you get some length on this okay so I've gone a little bit longer and I've made my rope longer just by working more rows so when you're finished and your piece is as long as
  • 04:44: you would like it to be let's learn how to get this off of our fingers and finish so I finished a few rows and I have a loop on each finger so what we're going to do is we're going to take the loop from our index finger and bring it up and over to the next finger you can tighten this a little bit if it's looking a little loopy then you take this loop and bring it up and over that one then you take this loop and move it
  • 05:16: to the next finger and bring it up and over that finger then you bring this loop and put it on this finger and bring it up and over that finger so now you're left with the one loop and you're your working yarn your yarn here so then you take it off of your finger and don't pull this loop out be careful not to let it out and at this point you can take your scissors or with young kids just
  • 05:46: have the adult do this part and you're just going to trim it off like that and then you're going to take your yarn and run it into this loop here and then you can pull it to tighten it and to finish that end off so it'll look like that and then at the end here I like to just tighten things up a bit like that and just get a nice finished edge you can even add a knot if you like
  • 06:19: to finish that off so what you can do at this point is use this for whatever you like you can make a belt or a little scarf or even tie the ends together for a fun kids bracelet like that and then either these ends you can tie and then snip off or you can just take your hand and if you'd like to weave it together and just kind of weave
  • 06:51: it with your just with your fingers you kind of open this up it you can see the these like ladder bars you can kind of weave it in between these little bars here and then just take your scissors and trim that off that's how you weave the end in or you can just leave this intact tie it to something and then trim that off so that is how you finger knit thanks so much for watching and be sure
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