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  • 00:00: hello everyone with you cupcake and today I will make a cream for tubules is the most simplest probably in the world of cream is a condensed cream condensed, that is, he suited for eclairs and that's for my here are the pipes to whom it will be interesting lay out the recipe for such waffle like me doing their cause is still old Soviet electric wafer so if that's what write
  • 00:31: look at my a bowl of a mixer 150 grams butter softened well how it would not be softened it stood by me several hours at room temperature together with my with condensed milk condensed milk me in a glass and 450 gram girl some write something they mix one to one that is, an oil union with condensed milk or one to two but I do not want me I do not want to eat
  • 01:02: what was that too greasy so I'm in the way even more than one to two that is, I have 150 grams oil and 450 grams condensed milk, that is, I have nothing to exfoliate nothing will occur that is on quality cream is but it will not affect will be less bold then there is why for what purpose to eat a lot of fat soil but you do what do you want yam generally shows since I and I do I will show that the climate is obtained in general
  • 01:32: resistant such cream You can do who does not wants to mess with caramel cream as I showed and this cream is very convenient for snickers he will also be very sated delicious also add there peanut room and everything it will be cool so try it maybe it's more for you even like it someone more like condensed milk considering the fact that me she as though there will be beer very saturated it is condensed there oil for all it is not will appear that there is one condensed milk
  • 02:02: I came to guests are parents at actually , these wafer tubules only for the sake of there are 2 cones here by the way look here the cream is not thick nothing flows to me I will have a cake there where inverted from the top as would be worth such a deal what is it morozhenka inverted for what? buy 10 pieces if I I can do it myself and by the way I wanted to to make your tubules even with nuts so
  • 02:32: Here I roasted a little bit microwave nutlets and now I them a little bit exfoliate I did not have a hull I will be accepted and so I crushed it I left a little bit for the tank tubes and sprinkle so everything else I do add the amount of cream then all will not be inside the tubules this amount I send you tubes I 'll show by the way very used to all recipes its measurable in eggs that is, it is such that served pieces then have this recipe
  • 03:02: I was three round eggs and recipe of these tubes I Well, not that I came up with myself just combined the two recipe and a little bit changed them yet because once did one by one prescription tubules were slightly knit crispy to me is not liked the second once she did the straws were too thin too fuses well generally when there is no and in this time I decided do in general
  • 03:32: in its own way and therefore I got out ofigen just a tube they crunchy measure sweet measure vanilla well, just cool so that I live if you it will be interesting write, I'm filming recipe is ideal for you pipes if u you have a electric wafer you are very much lucky here are those who wanted to look simple condensed cream our own finished it is possible nuts do not add a I'm here no prince my own
  • 04:02: I'll be here enjoy confectionery bag and without attachment because what did I want to do started with a nozzle asterisk of noise on the tip was beautiful but then I thought that there were pieces of me there nuts are pretty a big one if I get stuck in this star is not I wanted to fool all I'll still be sprinkle with nuts so it's easy we start for the amount where as long as I can beyond the squeeze while my bag the cream itself does not start push up
  • 04:32: very long there do not need to squeeze out because you can crack the lotto and actually it will be mine a mountain of tubes already ready now remains only sprinkle it sideways it's easier than me just squeezing waterfall and everything he bothers to see On my side lie these cones that I prepared for cake I know that like girls on this recipe for
  • 05:02: similar to make of oven please see themselves will be my own my bitter tubule Here is my waffle which is waiting for the portico she will be like this I have a cake and there will be the bottom of type morozhenka here so try it if that is not clear write with you was a cupcake I will be very glad to you suggest I will be very glad to see you likes and reviews so that while