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Cake with flowers we Decorate cake belkovo with Cake decoration custard Festive cake  See details »

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  • 00:00: Hello to you and lehr channel with preparing we love today cake decorating protein-custard cream Today I'll show you master class as beautifully decorate cream cake for I need it two dye trademark turquoise and decorate green apple I also need
  • 00:30: carnations to create rose flower scissors to transfer to a cake rose nozzle itself rose see for Maya then star nozzle Our cloves 0 attachment and today we will until decorate and Ruffle Here's a tip number 0 and 60 packing
  • 01:00: leaf number 113 take the nozzle ryushek slit We turn to him and Now we will do Bottom decides to and fro I see here and there very simple you just head to do and here and there and got such
  • 01:30: lush ruffles turning the cut himself and continue back and forth like this violating a simple and beautiful leaves and We continue so so state
  • 02:01: finished bezel I have made the village so will make uncomfortable ryushiki will do laterally cake Here one is
  • 02:38: the cherry on the cake ready to eat now again the top We will deal revelry rotating nozzle
  • 03:08: Here you can see the sections and start do too large standing here So so ryushiki ready
  • 04:03: now with nasadochki nulevka we sredinku fill in Michel kai so perfect flat on the top is not need when we We cover the cake protein-custard cream main vermicelli and to
  • 04:35: border not to deliver that we have all been beautifully seen escape cover covered in cake
  • 05:06: double layer Kim is now vermicelli Getting tanks where we, and too convenient take carnitine, Now we do one layer arbitrarily do
  • 05:43: as you can see only one coat like that produced and also the following and continue until
  • 06:23: the end and the last drawing Now continue further decorate
  • 06:53: star nozzle Our easy, we first will decorating here shell I have turquoise dye now we are at the bottom
  • 07:45: do here such flowers Look we extrude here issued in the side and is now shell here and here so we have a flower God turns up up God and here in the side and
  • 08:17: last flower I will show you now up to the side shell now proceed to the roses on a nail squeezing cream nozzle asterisk Now I take a direct Rose and nozzle
  • 08:47: We start to do roses done
  • 09:19: here is my rosette ready I show again
  • 09:50: Who do the rose I squeeze bud Now the first draft rose flower start Shanker is now ready
  • 11:03: our roses with the nozzle we add a leaf petals I love my green dye I was in the beginning I told It is called green apple points They are bright beautiful
  • 11:34: and now even inside
  • 12:04: each side one petals will plant Add cake beads by throwing them over here where I agree quilling like embellished a little glitter
  • 12:34: added cake and throw into that's so beautiful cake I turned his jewelry I 5 protein used subscribe to my channel and put husky you had avira and a channel with preparing I love to new meetings bye bye