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Wistaria cluster from beads. The master - a class. Beadwork.  See details »

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  • 00:00: Hello today I want to show you how to do it clusters of licenses for to do this sadness to us need to do petals killing loops a bunch consists of 25 flowers each flower consists of two petals and one midway order to do
  • 00:30: middle of us need yellow beads we take wire 0 you and the yellow beads recruit all go dial yellow beads in the quantity of 7 beads pull up it will be a wire the middle of our the flower is such
  • 01:00: It turned out for us among. then we need make large petals here such large petals in quantity 13 pieces as you can see among the NCOs this petal consists of six
  • 01:31: lilac beads and then around and this sit and still added 4 circles of beads then there is a big petal consists of five breakaway loop this is necessary for us make 13 such pieces medium lobes medium lobes
  • 02:02: just like large petals need to do 20 three pieces here such Here are 23 petals now I'll show you how to do it but this middle already petal will not consist of 5th pie 4 Now take the wire 0 3 millimeters and
  • 02:34: type middle 6 beads to us need to dial scored 6 beads and shelf below the bottom spin exactly like loop made of 6
  • 03:04: beads then we collect beads and do the following coil with beads procrastination to fit procrastination close to 1 on average we type already 4
  • 03:43: terminating others you can say julia sing recruited and again twisted the wire in bases are typing 3 3 riot
  • 04:19: this petal as see and do light lilac color beads or below fixed
  • 04:59: the shelf was tightened and we type one more row 4 this we will have
  • 05:38: middle lobe a large lobe and you already said there will not be 4 there again series of nose region anyway consist of 6 beads and also small petals among the nko consists of 6 beads for only do from the relay or else it's the smallest petal so we call
  • 06:20: third loop if we have beads on bran is enough for us need to visit more a couple of beads and procrastination screw up well this is our average
  • 06:52: petals as I have already spoke but such medium lobes We need make 23 pieces so great petal 13 pieces 6 bead center and around 4 pouring picket from the 5th row middle lobe
  • 07:22: need to do twenty three petals among NCOs 6 and opening 3 then there are 4 rows and small petals such petals We need make 14 pieces on every flower need to be done on one that seredinochke there are loops of
  • 07:52: ghastly of 7 beads and harnesses further we begin to do take flowers small petals on the wrong side we lay yellow yellow gold medallion loop and twist twisted middle without the lobe
  • 08:27: hand on top of the lodge again petal little purl party to our mickey and we wring from us this here is a flower which consists of two petals such flowers here We need
  • 08:59: make 2 pieces 2 colors. it will be with us the most the beginning of our growth is 20. further we take the average petals and on the wrong side and lay down the middle yellow and again twisting he
  • 09:36: then purl side to the middle and lay the petals small that is us first dark beads then dark mixed and bright beads and top sadness light made of light beads Here are some florets
  • 10:06: middle lobe and small petals of such petals to us need a flower do 10 stuff further large petal on the wrong side bed of yellow among twirl the night and the wrong side
  • 10:43: to the middle fasten petal medium these are the flowers to us need to do 13 pieces 13 pieces means large and secondary petals do in
  • 11:14: seam and flowers from medium and small petal make medium leaves small petals do little flowers small flowers need to make 2 pieces of medium 10 and 13 larger then each floret turn it is necessary
  • 11:44: tape floristic each flower wrapped with ribbon floristic twisted and
  • 12:36: after that, dial growth little flowers as I said before the top is here small 2 color. this is the tip further are attached
  • 13:07: medium flowers and in order go on and on joins large the apex then to her clings to the stem greater part of our middle lobes past twisting wire and at the bottom
  • 13:38: below it means two such we add dozens of then 10 medium and 13 big and us you get this Wisteria's growth and then in the same way she will keep among themselves I hope
  • 14:09: what you can do make growth wisteria so let our I them already clusters joins leaves the pair leaves turkey ordinary French technique axle weaving is typed 11 beads and is done 3-4 arcs then they are at the top unite
  • 14:40: these leaves one up leaves on 2 leaves on the edges here we have I got to get Here such here in bunch street do not think you and will be able to do both see below it darker this is the beginning of our Grapes and at the top throw lighter to us if you need something unclear ask me I will try to you
  • 15:11: answer because write that I showed wisteria how to do it but there almost nothing is visible so I'll tell you today told me how to do it ah! this bunch use of licin if a large beautiful wisteria such guests per a branch can be clinging chum 5-6 pieces all to you
  • 15:41: good I hope a you can do sprig wisteria and grow write to answer with pleasure before Sveta