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How to knit a Valentine's Day card the Lesson 282 How to crochet heart  See details »

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  • 00:00: and let's tie Today here we are cute hearts they are very useful on Valentine's Day they can be make very beautiful card first provyazyvaem sliding loop
  • 00:30: Air and knit 3 loop 1 2 and 3 and then knit with 21 column two inside nakida sliding hinges
  • 01:02: making 2 sc on hook and provyazyvaem column two sc and so knit 21 column Well, that's done and
  • 01:52: now again provyazyvaem 3 Air loop 1 2 3 and knit coupling loop moving into Now loop sliding loop You may be able to pull together then knit 6
  • 02:40: stitches 1 2 3 4 June 5th turn around and provyazyvaem between chain of the air loops and the first
  • 03:10: column to column one sc Further knit one air loop and column two sc provyazyvaem him
  • 03:40: between the first and second column previous row So repeat 9 more time loop knit air column two sc provyazyvaem between the following two columns previous row and so to dovyazyvaem
  • 04:19: middle of this little heart all 10 with two columns sc So I have to knit middle and now knit 4 Air loop 1 2 3 4 and do peak
  • 04:58: then provyazyvaem column two sc in the same point where we have There is one bar with two sc they will be
  • 05:35: at one point and further knit one air loop and column two sc between the following two columns here We repeat so still August 1 air loop and
  • 06:05: column two sc and here is now ready knit one air loop and a column with one between sc
  • 06:36: the last two columns Further provyazyvaem 6 stitches 1 2 3 4 June 5 and connective
  • 07:08: loop here at this point Now flip and knit in the opposite side of the next row and a chain of
  • 07:42: stitches fasten columns, without sc provyazyvaem 6 columns without sc 1 2 3
  • 08:15: 4 5 Feb 6 then between the first and the second column provyazyvaem 1 column without sc and knit 3 Air loop 1 2 and 3
  • 08:46: and again in the same point provyazyvaem column, without sc and This was repeated yet nine times knit column, without sc 3 aerial loops in the same point
  • 09:17: column, without sc and so knit up the middle our heart so I I have knit up middle here we It is a middle and Now in phase code right inside provyazyvaem 2 column, without sc 1 peak and inwardly into 2
  • 09:48: this peak Further knit 3 Air loop 1 2 3 and again into two column, without sc 1 and 2 and then knit exactly
  • 10:18: as well as knitting between the first half columns provyazyvaem column without nakida then 3 aerial loops in the same point knit again without a column sc and such manner repeat nine more
  • 10:48: between the following times columns provyazyvaem column sc 3 without air loop and again column without sc in the same nail and now knit remaining 6
  • 11:19: columns without sc around the chain of stitches 1 let's Beijing 4 5
  • 11:51: and 6, and that's the point provyazyvaem coupling loop and this heart is ready Now you can thread cut, or you can use it to link flagellum then we will kulonchik my heart
  • 12:21: out very great because I knitted from thick thread but if it knit from fine you can thread then attach it she is otkrytochku with you Irina was write comments put the huskies subscribe to my youtube channel style to email newsletter Online not since the beginner's. I grew up new appointments