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  • 00:00: Hello everyone who watching this video this video I want you show your gun which I I take a long time He showed himself very a good side and all in my channel I have a playlist all my crafts who crafts this I show I am painted this gun all of which this made the gun spray gun made from ordinary ballpoint pen and of small piece
  • 00:30: retina done all very simply taken common here such a ballpoint pen pulled off her Now this rod itself part of it is removed it is not necessary, and here on the the nozzle is cut somewhere half a centimeter then taken ball pin pulled out here this writing part of it we I do not need washed rod or alcohol
  • 01:02: cologne and then do here this part and it can be made of rubber, and you can do from Plastics can be of of wood and when you that's just such a Area do drill and such here is hole under here this part and drill hole here and in a rod You put it all
  • 01:33: principal distance this is between distance here here the distance somewhere two millimeters and here to see here so you have a rod and was get a good bullets let me paint you more draw when you look here on this part so that You like this was here
  • 02:03: she was drying herself and that's he immediately rod from ball to handle here at this distance was so then you You do this for spray guns I use all nitro or nitrocellulose lacquer and paint breed solvent so that he I was in liquid condition well, as Vodicka small well
  • 02:34: it depends in general must experiment try but in general to liquid paint It was or varnish, and here here the rod directly plunges butylek himself with paint and now here it is necessary to blow along enough strongly it is necessary but not much well be blowing and ink flows so the rod from and sprayed well, let anything paint the example here
  • 03:04: Now this piece of cardboard here directly paint itself and here So I let Dye Immersion rod court and start paint generally
  • 03:51: I-brush fully satisfied all recommend Of course you can buy cans of paint but when there is no such capabilities Now this thing very great helps in overall I would recommend good thing more than once I rescued in total who liked video rate and huskies at all subscribe to my channel all the luck