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We knit together \/ the Cardigan a raglan from above \/ Part 1

We knit together \/ the Cardigan a raglan from above \/ Part 1  See details »

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  • 00:00: Hello I name is Lena and you're on channel knitted Area in today's video I I want to tell you about I want your cardigan tell how I I see some of the yarn were question marks here on about cardigan so who interesting Stay with me all pleasant view so I do I plan to remove two Video to map hectares Well today will be first such can be reports and the story and the second will be ready Job means of a yarn
  • 00:30: I see your cardigan It called a kind of yarn and harmony This made it in China, according to German Technologies composition 50 50 coat with acrylic 100 grams of 110 meters and spoke to her 66 I see half the base web shestorochka and see but I quite well in free yes that is not tight at all in Basically anyone Tuga knit quite Seven general approach here I
  • 01:00: I want to say at all excellent yarn Me like after I loosened up his cardigan at all and she rovnenko perfectly fits in fabric that is absolutely it somehow It straightens itself It blossomed in Motala a ball and generally but that's fine the only thing that she not all there is Yarn especially here the color of his very very difficult to find This is called color
  • 01:30: Cyclamen who will a very interesting just nice beautiful colour really his camera transmits In general, I direct colors and delight while I'm pretty yarn only I do not know what it will wear Well, how would look so and then later then I expected finally made probably review at winter yes on this yarn because as yet too early to say here not knit out of it very like this it is not good. that's the only thing that
  • 02:01: It would still be good would it would be to wear all that's cool then as I see cardigan on the spokes number five I gaining sixty two loops and knitting just 10 rows Garter Well, you can say so Not really collar here. Well just a little then it will be here I then knit 10 series and then I started to distributes
  • 02:31: some loops I did it up to the number of spokes I mean six distributed as follows 11 loops up to 2 shelves 11 loops Additional description made nakida 2 loop raglan sc 7 loops sc hose 2 loop raglan sc 18 loops back sc 2 loop raglan sc 7 loops sc hose 2 loop raglan and sc
  • 03:01: again 11 stitches in my 2 half a point that is at I did it before It will likely get 22 and loop back 18, so I I wanted to a little bit like me before more was Now that was a slight smell I mean it all distributed loop and I went and knit Raglan top yes how fit Raglan from above everyone knows who does not know so I rented a video on how to distribute
  • 03:31: hinges and the like, in general so how to knit raglan top who are interested go look But in general, then we do through the addition of a number of on both sides each raglan line and I knit Knit 21 cm each advertising line up reshoot loops on thread and start knit sleeves ie I have turned on coming on the sleeve forty-six loops
  • 04:01: Now I see the sleeves Because I do not know Is this yarn and dokuplyu and I'm afraid all the same if I find it I'm afraid that is different but if the other color will party so I decided first tie sleeve and then how many will have I will have to body and knit The sleeves are usually not lu magic but simply forward and backward rows as I do decrease is obtained
  • 04:32: but from the moment when I have I ended raglan I'm starting to knit then here I was doing decrease in sixteenth row hung marker further by marker Fourteenth again subtract again hung marker by marker and twelfth in total so at least two rows I Bates of each marker all I will schedule be lowered to 32 loops
  • 05:03: and even then not until the end diminished simply fun thread to to measure how it all Here is all very just everything elementary thread thick thick needle easy to knit so I I want to say at once here it is already the result of me like that's all the same yes I knowingly let down not for nothing that I start to knit Raglan as a top I would be very pretty
  • 05:33: here's to fit in quickly as thick thread not here Today I plan to finish all the sleeves Yes and begin to knit torso like this that He who wants to let anyone interested let's knit together So I do not know analogue this yarn e.g. if on a yarn Denmark find so look around to 100 grams was 100 m I have 110 but 150 can also
  • 06:03: fit just thinner can take spoke here because yes this yarn she not all there if there are two colors are some neutral here this here is pleasant colors No, I also think that approach may be winter premiere He example winter by It called there as well 100 grams of 150 meters you can just take spoke to say Pyaterochka is possible knit perfectly all will look here so that all who
  • 06:33: it was interesting to put fingers up write Comment subscribe to my channel and all bye bye to new video