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Cake the recipe the Cake the SUN we Decorate cake belkovo with Cake decoration custard the Recipe of cream  See details »

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  • 00:00: Hello to you and lehr channel with preparing love today will cook very beautiful and delicious cake for children sun for a biscuit we need 5 eggs 150 grams of sugar and 150 gram flour in the kitchen machine throws 5 eggs
  • 00:30: 150 grams sugar driven into the lush mass eggs whipped Now add the flour and mix well Now form diameter 23
  • 01:00: centimeter I pour the dough and send to preheated oven for one hundred and eighty degrees baked biscuit 40 minutes biscuit It turned gentle runes and is now high
  • 01:31: give him some cool for custard cream we need 300 milliliters of milk 2 yolks 100 grams sugar and 1 package vanilla sugar 1 tablespoon starch and 25 grams butter first we bowl Mix 1 sachet vanilla sugar 100 grams of conventional sugar 2 egg yolks and
  • 02:01: using the Halo need it's all rubbed add a little milk add one here
  • 02:36: tablespoon starch the proportion of cream calculated on our sponge cake I already have to channel recipe custard but There I did it on half a liter to half a liter milk it for us much cake we small so I I calculated the proportion of 300 milliliters I hope you milk this recipe I liked preparation
  • 03:08: pour cake It now remains milk pot milk is cold notice and pot where cold milk we spill our mix and stir the main conditions of this cream constantly interfere old on fire and constantly plugin relation to dream no lumps and cream is not curled cream put on
  • 03:40: fire and kept up his have interfere whisk constantly cream already starts to thicken This cream is already evident men and thickens Now'll minutes Life at all a little and most importantly month how to help them formed shoot We distinguish the fire all well it does not own
  • 04:10: the fire and off for all the same from Now add in the Cream 25 grams butter and stir well ass cream cream is now ready it must be cooled preparing a syrup impregnation I took 8 tablespoons water cold boiled and 4 tablespoons syrup
  • 04:41: banana and enjoy syrup and Trade mark them I have cherry banana was karromer smear ended cut sponge cake into 3 shortcake now I will impregnate and recoat them cream cake will soft gentle to
  • 05:13: most kids it These adults also details slightly Now spread I half cream cream is designed for the cake if you make a cream for Recipes for half a liter it will remain ago and spread
  • 05:57: another course biscuit easy to get slightly soaked and Put the second except for a portion We send cake in
  • 06:33: Refrigerate for a couple Now hours Getting decoration. cake will be with us in as the sun I had already covered cream protein-custard Now I take the tip star 5 cloves we will draw like that rays Now that our Sun when you do
  • 07:13: rays you a little sit up packing Now between the rays We like this pull
  • 07:43: between the rays obtained staggered We will now do 3 and also from the bottom our sun has be fluffy do yet here's a small number of here inside
  • 08:14: We make such a tight row here
  • 08:53: last done inside will do more one small rim I have here a little small nozzle star 5 cloves even less than I was transferred and we will extrude such small sprocket I dye
  • 09:27: It called yellow yellow memes may someone will be interested Now we side will do our little white sun
  • 09:57: I took a rose nozzle small rose slightly curved and soon we will do bud and began scattering it to do
  • 10:40: a small Here's a little Shanker I obtained by scissors I planted it cake made a small bud and Now here's a little so will form our race Our rusachka ready
  • 11:41: We landed on the Cake with the nozzle leaf, we will otsazhivayut petals from roses little you this small Zukor to find and
  • 12:15: melted chocolate will draw a smile our sun chocolate layer has be thick because then we need
  • 12:46: twist to move it on the porch when it cools down walls here
  • 13:19: now we need to make eyes exposed to Carnatic one eye, we will 1 is opened it will be closed as if we blink
  • 13:52: the sun that is I'm not a professional, I only learning so one eye, we have a the second will be here closed as it should be blinking I do cilium
  • 14:23: another gay song there is also need to throw the sun also make here since arbitrarily do 2 and also Now we will wait
  • 14:54: the chocolate harden further will spread his on chocolate cake Now we stood will carefully here So you see he too behind, I would like us knife here lips are ready to quit ready to step all was very
  • 15:28: just say here chocolate centuries I am now ready to and using kornetika red dye I I will make them of the whistles beautiful color machines hollow certainly a fine job We need to try sponge ready if
  • 16:02: our sun, then he should be blue eyes so using everything and the dye of the same done we finish our
  • 16:38: glazik using white cream making protein glazik ready here such a wonderful
  • 17:10: Children's cake I It turned into a cake section is very delicate and soft on his jewelry I used exactly 3 squirrel subscribe to my channel and put husky you had aero and channel Cooking with love to until we meet again till