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  • 00:00: you know all of us childhood is associated with sand but also old age by the way too and someone with the sand The whole life is connected no, of course I am now not about these not about cats but about those who works with sand and does not it is necessary to think that such few people people are full naturally they do not make of sand kulichiki they make many useful beautiful things because that from the list it is possible make practically Anything Yes some even from
  • 00:30: list cartoons we just took off the plot about these cartoons let's him see you meet animators Mariya Bazinkina and irina zavyalova they make cartoons and list of it turns out there and such a technique called send or send
  • 01:00: translation from english sand well and art art a handful of sand sandwiched in the hand of thin trickle created drawings on glass countertops all that's on it occurs projected onto the screen so the viewer can simultaneously watch cartoon and watch him creature from below glass highlights lamps so drawing looks clearer
  • 01:30: contrast one the picture replaces another and it turns out sand animation I wonder what masterpiece and irina and Mariya will do today Here it is, yes the cartoon from sand about sand do you think a little he is honored and then get ready wonder send art
  • 02:00: a picture and a program galileo represent the biggest sandy desert in world sugar height barkhans 500 meters The biggest sandy beaches on coast of Indian the ocean their length is 120 kilometers the highest mountains Himalayan stop and where here the mountains our cartoon about sand and you did not know sand is wreckage
  • 02:32: rocks stones but only very small to be considered sand they should be the size no more than two millimeters as well huge blocks turn into small sand stone destroy the wind and water the wind blows sand grains from soft of rocks water of the river and marine surf erase the sand even such solid
  • 03:03: stones like granite and basalt such as Niagara waterfall for the year eats a meter of rock with which falls water and wind not only ground rocks but still suffer sand from one place to another so throughout the planet is formed promised deposits mountains of sand under the mountains snow is god's career of one of the most
  • 03:33: major deposits of sand in near Moscow thousands of years ago giant glacier came down here straight from Scandinavia and brought With this geysi this sand its prey is conducted all year round even in the cold immediately seen here working real enthusiasts sand lies on depth more than 10 meters therefore conventional shovel it you will not get bulldozers first shoot so
  • 04:04: called from the roof layer remove the earth and clay to clear Place of Birth the word itself bulldozer means bullish dose force dumping foot bull and then beyond the matter is taken excavator name of this machine came from Latin words Oka peck scoop out a scoop excavator is placed eight half tons of sand but enough for us and a handful
  • 04:34: to consider sand under the microscope picture as in kaleidoscope now it is immediately evident that grains of sand these are small pebbles and different colors white grains are quartz pink field spar and yellow mica if you think that the composition
  • 05:06: sand everywhere same then you badly mistaken we are at the department lithology Moscow state university lithology is literally the science of stones this collection of sand collected in different parts of the world greenish sand found under Kaliningrad on the Curonian Spit green grains it is a mineral of glauconite red sand at all
  • 05:37: not from Mars he is from Australia in it high concentration semiprecious stone pomegranate pomegranate sand cover sandpaper a this brown sand from chukotka he is such colors due to prevalence in it mineral cassiterite a the black magnetite juice possesses
  • 06:08: extraordinary properties be attracted to magnet because there is a lot in it gland such sand can be to find at the bottom Kamchatka volcano but if you look at this sand under a microscope you can see the smallest fragments of shells and corals of which coral sand interesting and how
  • 06:38: sand paint our artist this is sand from the coast Black Sea in these grains of sand are not sharp protrusions in fact each polished the waves therefore sea sand so small and loose it is better is most suitable for drawing but it's time for us return to quarry sand little dig it out yet should be cleared of stones and boulders excavator loads
  • 07:08: extracted sand in tipper which takes him to honest factory she is next to to measures from the bunker Stacker mix sand and gravel sent to lavatory first thing the most large stones they remain on sidewall surfaces they are then crushed and get crushed rock and small stones together
  • 07:38: with sand fail further down and fall on following sieve with more small cells and so occurs until until it remains only sand before dust-free work is not exactly call you still think that the sand only for kulichiki in sandbox then listen for what else he can be used in the first turn for
  • 08:08: production from glass on his the manufacture goes on sand with high content of quartz in several hours it is melted in furnace at a temperature of 1500 degrees red lava inside it future glass until she is not frozen it is bottled molds on this sand factory light bulbs are produced on this milk bottles here glasses for wine
  • 08:41: even Christmas-tree toys and they are made of sand and the mirror that we look the same Perry fused sand but that we find in it its reflection glass sheet with one side cover amalgams alloy of mercury and aluminum but more all the sand goes to construction of houses
  • 09:11: first of the mixture sand and cement make concrete without who can not do it no construction and yet sand is used in production bricks and sidewalk tiles Well and now most the main thing is sand you can make a plot for the program
  • 09:41: Galileo which you just watched and while the sand is piling up I I want to say a little bit their thoughts on about the seen the plot is well in the first place this is certainly a masterpiece yes Well, secondly, I really liked that moment how did not have time but nothing
  • 10:11: next time why finished but I wanted to to tell