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  • 00:00: you will need toothbrushes for this cleaning chain life hack during the brushes with electrical tape and spray it little bit double d40 after couple of turns you will clean your bike chain to rate dirty pans you will need empty vitamin effervescent too with this kind of lid for view we're going to use 96% alcohol for igniting we're going to use lighter igniter that
  • 00:31: I glue on wooden handle and I solder two wires ideal small hole and I put wires inside you with my glue gun I seal the wires and glue the wooden handle just like you see it's very simple
  • 01:04: design when you press the igniter inside tube there are sparks between wires for better loop with black spray I paint the whole revolver for few just like I say we add a couple of drops of alcohol close the lid and igniter will do the rest of the job very powerful and dangerous please guys be careful with this sometimes there will be times when you should I hope you like
  • 01:36: it in comments write me what project you want to see in my next video - long exposure to the Sun the plastic that covers the solar cells becomes so nasty and only a small amount of light gets to them so to fix the problem just put one layer of nail polish and instantly bring more power in these
  • 02:07: lamps okay for this project you will need this old audio cassette case if you find them and in past we can listen music from these cassettes not like now on our smartphones and tablets back to the past we drill you're going to make two holes for screws and transparent secret safe it's bad idea so I paint the case in blue color and tight
  • 02:37: secure on wall now you know how to make a secret shell
  • 03:15: save made from old cassette case and you can hide your personal stuff like memory cards money keys and whatever you want for Luke October's don't forget to wipe like these videos and visit my channel page to watch more cool video projects thanks for watching