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Master class \"How to create a flower of a klematis from a foamiran\"  See details »

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  • 00:00: hello with you marina vaunted and today I want show how we with you early make a flower who conquered me their large beautiful flowers covering abundantly all in the plant speech it's about the climate sen varieties and colors and matinka very much choose like you flower and proceed to work for
  • 00:30: fabrication clematis to us will need foamiran light of such what do we want was our flower fame amir white or this milk color can to take lightly lemon color for poke our check clematis also to us need scissors this is the joint if not available can be take advantage just a toothpick thick paper or
  • 01:01: cardboard to cut out y such a work I took another mouse pad Which can replace some other soft surface for example the usual towel and also to us need here gun for gluing parts from thick paper or cardboard cut out here such a piece width from this the wide part 3 centimeter height 6 centimeters
  • 01:31: apply it to fomyranu and enter a toothpick ul clematis are 6 there are 8 petals petals it happens a lot more everything depends on grades you are preparing such an amount what kind of petals sort of clematis you more like what you want to create from fomirana I will create clematis eight
  • 02:01: lobes so I need prepare 8 petals Circle and cut out our petals ready now for a little enliven for this fold the accordion this way and missed between fingers than thicker foamiran the longer and stronger
  • 02:32: to press fauamiran thinned did not or heels became more alive this way now this link we can not be afraid to straighten out well because we in principle these wrinkles are not needed the main thing that
  • 03:03: such texture on the petal and petal became more alive and thus process sessions petals when they sat down heels will be processed further to us must be applied longitudinal lines as with the present clematis in it for three longitudinal lines we their sleeves are worn using this stack and you can take advantage usual toothpick and conduct first
  • 03:33: central line with effort we press but so so as not to tear of course fayiran then a line with one side and one other here are three lines but outer side our petal will be just another parties thus we put lines on everything
  • 04:05: petals and with you early white or such as mine milky we cut out two stripes 1 width and a half centimeter and length 15 centimeters and the second strip of 7 centimeters wide 2 centimeter you can take phaamiran light lemon color or leave such white milk color I a little zatoniruyu his stripes
  • 04:36: yellow tint that literally give them a little shade yellow further we need our stripes chop such thin fringe try to do cuts as possible thinner because the stamens from clematis is enough thin cut off streak short this 5 millimeters to end of the make up a little bit of space so that then you could have them attach and
  • 05:07: fashion fashion strips before how to start form our core evaluation I recommend Our wands with fringed a little on the iron in order to stamens even slightly rounded off this way here we also process and second strip do
  • 05:37: it's neat to do not burn yourself now we can proceed the creation of the core our flower for this we take a wand we attach it and it from toothpicks to we need this to apply a droplet of glue attach
  • 06:09: toothpick and begin reel periodically glue apply to attached well in this way
  • 06:42: twist all-all striped look carefully to round out she's our headache looked inside you tied the first striped here we have it turned out cores to such as chelochka now us a second strip that then broader affix core I attach to such way that it fastened like a bottle the bottom of our keg
  • 07:13: apply a little glue and attach to a little more glue this way
  • 07:50: the second row you on which lousier they a little as was lay down like this we attach around our the shoe all stick blanks for our the flower is ready that's such a heart we got and 8 trained I selected the petals variety for matisse
  • 08:20: soft blue in nature it is in principle and will heels of 1 ton Well, many clematis middle of petals on a bit brighter and me wanted petals for our gentle blue flower do a little bit too brighter than how Toothbrush foamiran I I tell in detail his course now we need with these petals give a little more bends of such
  • 08:50: waves neatly do such are the movements what do you jump a little waviness it should be done very neatly because your world he can easily tear and accurately also on the other hand that's such a little
  • 09:22: wavy edge it turned out in our The petal is so you can process all petals you did all our I was petal wavy now you can attach them to the base of the flower apply a little glue on the petal and attach to foundation as their
  • 09:53: petals attached on the reverse side and slit tanks for to avoid deflection of petals because if foamiran is sufficient thin that is probability that you will mold a lot sag in front glue the next petal and now
  • 10:36: perpendicularly glue next pair petals female he is thus subsequent series
  • 11:15: petals attach between petals of the first series and finish our flower our flower ready now left bite off toothpick and you can attach flower to a hair clip or bezel or brooch thanks to the flyer you need a flower elastic can be form it
  • 11:45: petals and not worry that a flower can crumple here such delicate flowers clematis and I have have turned out I congratulate you have learned to create Clematis flower creative successes to new meetings