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  • 00:00: Good day my today it is expensive the third workshop on this cap and flowers us the agenda, we were binding the spokes 3 millimeters I knit on ring but I will still knitting with the seam is not as easy as it We walked in for a hiding nothing wrong if someone wants to knit ring on it circle the course lying and better
  • 00:30: Use two pairs always say how and Now we need to dial needles ninety two loops who knits with a seam Flower unite here after between the petals and who is the District 90 loops should be at You work 91 dial one close the ring and so further recruit I gained 92 loops and I forgot to say devchonochka look We associate these flowers here is one Flower is two
  • 01:00: level and middle, here the same 6 petals see big and just as 6 smaller like a flower on the cap mount want 2 the total number of the soul wish now even time when I for example say We have closed in Kant ring scored 90 one single loop I mean dropped you watched previous master classes the first 2 I told you it is 3 for those who are first time
  • 01:31: or even about to start Seen from this Video that is, I do not no I repeat do not repeat what was said before the girl you do You understand what it speak 300 times although I do something here you can repeat but it does not Still, I repelled matter what we go one after the other master classes and all It is said and seen so we it is necessary on a flower Knit the front surface of wrong then so is
  • 02:02: has one side face another Wrong, we gained the first row and typesetting return seamy eyelets We took off and went to knit seamy loop is you are able to know Tie and so we will knit girls 12 rows of the there's consider here it's the first row and so on until fresh 12 because we flowered You notice he's so our faces seamy smooth surface of all
  • 02:32: knit 12 rows, and more 12 rows continue they can be ready counted on the front iron on pigtail now we do petals and our for example if you knit on circular you need sleep to do here a broach let's call it so soon in beginning of the series and if that's how I came I'm doing at the beginning of and then again at the end Look, I just He withdrew an edge loop and somewhere
  • 03:02: for 2 rows up the last we just We descend to introduce level is already pull here front loop well and and so tightens we have it on the spokes It remains so tighten as here half
  • 03:36: centimeters so go on knit purl Loop 15 is something I do not hit it with the camera so 3 4 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 and likewise down
  • 04:06: number go down by 1 a series where two before last define yourself and picks up again also not easy it turns up looking to pick up window and the world's girls honestly you say this again pull a similar broach here But in the beginning until It is not very look because that the prime and then in flower and all that
  • 04:37: hide while he can see just that is divided clop petal one said lobe it's not like we just share and canvas But more has to be They will be formed here such here petals all every 15 tabs here these here broach constriction as you like girls call them and at the end series in the same way I
  • 05:08: will include girls knit I made their the last leaf ready means of 6 petals you understand 15 loops here are they and now we turn our the wrong side where the front surface of just an edge remove and then provyazyvaem 4 loops together including here these here our broach course but it will not be easy still due to the fact
  • 05:39: that facial loops all this can be survive for 4 loops look like this together here on see here are four following four Now since the constriction again 4 4 4 4 and so continue until the end of the series and bead you here so on the wrong side spokes like me
  • 06:09: turn our face you see these, we fix that first petals then as well Now everything is much longer Now more optimistic the next row we you will too Now knit already purl loops this devchonochka pry because I am already forgotten by all
  • 06:40: purl loop knit everything here and the color of the tag spoiled all knit turn our Now knit work all facial petelechki back to such small stands at flower was either mid-FER We do not know how correct to say here so go and then
  • 07:12: and back again move on face 2 loops together because we purl means January 2 and everything back on wrong side facial we just all loops close further already sew our floret this flower as you you see girls you can decorate and povyazochku on his head and knitted bag can decorate
  • 07:42: general use fantasy you will certainly be some of his ideas Generally, I like even LIC knitting and adorned with such huge flower in I have several of these flowers different-as different as and the value that is diameter and I calculations on the blog lay out and below the video, I I leave and it's me I am then no longer see Understand that disbanded
  • 08:12: conspiracy bad of my Julius Caesar can say worthless because of flowered under this I'll leave all the video reference caps 2 from Well, there are different the number of loops work for everyone flower can and on its Based on these flowers calculations so that it It is to come up in general fantasize so all look now just
  • 08:42: close which broaches want cover usually generically as want here I removed and the extended I went on like this Here's our flower or rather for the It surrounds the first he 11 level centimeters diameter a little here I wrapped like this Now 11, but that's him the same success
  • 09:14: can be used for yourself Arrange decor here center and if all or you will see here such a larger or quieter Now for the second level to associate exactly as a flower of but similar to 62 Sasha loops if you two edge 60 or recruit on ring 60 one You close your same 60 loops in Now divide 60 by 10 6 petals and boy
  • 09:45: Here, too, in this It means in provyazyvaem not 12 and 10 series initially as scored knit 10 series continue to do These broaches the beginning of the series in terms of every 10 loops and end of the row that is, you get 10 6 loops here such here then all the petals do just like this petals have we
  • 10:15: will you face smooth surface Wrong side remove an edge and cut 434 together provyazyvaem again 4 place three together 4 together to let on All that's it petals you obtained first 34 then three together then 4 until the end number of turn go Wrong number loops We turned again go a number of facial loops
  • 10:47: turned again provyazyvaem number of two loops together seamy and the next last purl We close our series all flower eyelet ready now see connect is our middle, then there take the needle with her miracle crop and here first connect midway and then petal petal
  • 11:17: look at the seamy side connect only here Now these broaches We reserve ahead join for edge literally the same one centimeter like that of the second level Now that's what we put You see both principle honeycomb here covers lepestochek and now the middle, dial the middle of a 20 stitches and now knit, too, the front and seamy smooth surface
  • 11:49: 14 rows means this is we will have the first row our face Wrong eyelets let's up end of the series return facial and repeat that's just such complete 14 Knit 14 rows series closed turned rectangle Our procurement and Now the principle of
  • 12:19: Next you need here so here shape tube here side seam sew the edge of the two edges pull this way to lay down and get our doll how do you You can do it Wrong person fabric is also our the person that is you here So you add up take the needle poddevat each an edge loop pulls together like this here are a few do stitches
  • 12:50: not to fix odds are now this one shows see girls sew the face and Here it is necessary to hook in each horizontal row Now I'll show you Here's an example here Here then poddevat at the same level this side here too so here, too,
  • 13:20: poddevat and tightens here again back then a number below if there we worked hard here we have to work hard here and so good Slide your edge loops and look for these horizontal rows and That's how you need about suffer to the end here this tube but you can go through least
  • 13:51: resistance to lay down our face in inside just as well walk a flange on the a flange loops pull off lock and then sew conventional suture here and so yes that's thus immediately edge loops let It is here wrong side and here Here, for example, see very visible here here here so about so pave the seam turned cap
  • 14:21: turn out mate This cap here here we have everything with you stitched but the edge of the bottom that only you returned even just a passing a needle and thread and contract the same way and we fix it all see you here here so that's similar pugalka seredinka rather Puga to want
  • 14:52: sew here some beautiful Buttons and more here in the middle of doing several stitches 5-7 I've been a star I tried it draw once on I do not have but it turned in Basically if you really try it all that is possible impose such 5 stitches can be even a few layers that is two to Three turns out here so that's you
  • 15:24: seredinka want survive and 14 rows and for example, 10 you have it will be lower and you want in general as this otherwise think of that is, fantasize girls create and You always come I wait until we meet again