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Double cap with ear-flaps by knitting Neva-2 car. Part 3.  See details »

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  • 00:00: I tied 36 rows and now turn to untying lapel will now be knit a lapel this part for the back parts of the cap and and leave my left ear in forty- six needles I leave in work 46 I will put the rest of the food upper non-working position or 46 and see and I see at all 46 chapters 30
  • 00:32: series of an extreme needle output the top non-working position before the density is if the very cap I knitted on 6th digit density then the lapel I will knit for 7 he should be more so as not to pull together 7- digit cap density I see 30 series of
  • 01:03: utmost upper non-working position and so on I tied 30 rows now i need translate carriage to the right to knit on abalone therefore provyazyvayu another 31 row density
  • 01:34: add to the eighth twenty four needles on which lick output the top non-working position and on the rear needles lapel pucker at 8 density one row I remove these needles upper non-working return the carriage and now I bring in the work twenty four needles abalone and are already on the 7
  • 02:05: number density I'm sewing 40 further rows 30 species I will bind on all needles but in the last ten I will tie rounding so that while I see 30 rows cat I tied 30 rows tab and now by partial knitting water Rounding by 10 rows of one needle
  • 02:35: I take it one more time mean three times to 1 and then two times 2 I put all the needles in
  • 03:12: right needle work I gun them oblige a number then left ear needles 1 and insert provyazyvayu on this one side cat is cut further I proceed to externally hand eye it
  • 03:42: double as well as front part of the cap I cut it out interior lapel will now be is bound outer part its lapel can be knit color or fur or as I am in this I will use herbs by 7 eagles the edge of the ears upper non-working position by so many I used to development rounding and then
  • 04:12: central needles I sew a number of I wind the thread behind the next needle insert two needles on the left then two needles on the right again two Needles on the left 2 shelves on the right and three
  • 04:44: times on one needle and the rounding on
  • 05:21: ears you visa on and further on scheme to tie another 30 rows of 10 rows I have already knit rounded and 30 more rows of ears tie 30 rows the ears tied well, no. here I now enter neighboring needles and now on the whole part
  • 05:53: I see 30 more rows well Here I cut out back lapel and now these needles I bring the upper non-working position I bring to work the next forty six Needles will be bandaged on them to start 30 rows lapel which will on the forehead again 20 series of I see on all needles and in the last ten
  • 06:24: ranks do rounding so here the gun is mine was ending with a thread I cut off the same thread I knit 20 rows on central 46 needles so I tied up 20 rows now doing
  • 06:55: rounding once one at a time once again for 1 3 times so same as on the ears third time and twice two needles each 1 time 2 2
  • 07:27: 2 each now I enter 7 needles left to work I bind them to a number of and now I deduce 7 needles from the gate on the forehead on the right I sew a row
  • 07:58: further I see myself weed all over needles I move left and right I remove the working thread and I turn already to weed here I cut off I'm tying up
  • 08:34: thread behind the next corner I brought in from two senior again on 2 and 3 times in 1 I tied 10 rows for
  • 09:46: gate and now me it remains to be tied up 20 more rows at all 46 needle tied up to the end lapel which will on his forehead looking for some needle upper non-working position she left needles link another one from thieves and let alone to similar to the first the whole cap is tied up Now we need to remove all
  • 10:17: on a junk thread for I'll start one separating from thin thread I reel not risked taking a fine thread contrast color and then tie up several rows of flimsy floss and take off the beaten sleep