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Festive Salad in 10 minutes! Simply and Tasty!  See details »

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  • 00:00: hello everyone suddenly the guests are coming and you have nothing to fall I will continue the table salad that very fast ingredients almost always have a refrigerator that everything is elementary sliced ​​cucumber remove all unnecessary slice thinly
  • 00:30: we cut tomatoes in half we will slice chicken half rings smoked gloss Well, we we will cut cubes of small size at will can replace ham oil first without
  • 01:11: bones and cut rings are prepared salad filing that's such a delicious
  • 02:45: original salad The the uniqueness of this lettuce is what guests can take products which suit them which he likes very beautifies your festive table I advise everyone at of which elementary and very fast and delicious everyone liked this video put like and subscribe to my channel in order not to skip the following till