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  • 00:00: hello to all today i offer your attention to the master class how to make earrings vintage style for 15-20 minutes if you interesting stay on my channel to work for us need a basis 42 points odds tails 18 pieces to us will be needed in my case 9 divided by 1 into other beads glass green color round and round nippers and so on get down to work to start we attach our chance at our base for earrings
  • 00:32: ari for this we push back and round pliers open our ring and in place Now we have
  • 01:02: attach to the garden our beads for this we dress them on the tail is trying on that the length that we need to consider bending it's about here such a distance and cut that's how it is now my plotters
  • 01:36: neatly bend here like this I hooked it all our other beads one more loop I show how I do it did and so put on to our carnations bead we put it in this our loop which is yours bases for earrings measure out look then
  • 02:08: the distance we need in order so that we can loop tighten and cut the rest my plotters neatly we fix here that's the way we have it turned out and the earrings exactly the same
  • 02:39: I did it and the second is like this result from me turned out to be such aggressive original arches earrings that will make it is easy to have to give only 15 20 minutes of your time thank you all for very I would like to hear reviews that will be well-off comments under video and put like that it's very nice your support everyone good luck of good mood
  • 03:09: bye Bye