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  • 00:00: after erection partitions and walls we begin level the floor by pouring 1 and very Responsible operation setting guide beacons subsequently on these guides and will be aligned floor guides are established along the room throughout floor space 1
  • 00:30: beacon is set to distance of 20-30 millimeters from the wall second and third subsequent distance 1000-1100 millimeters from the last for setting us require a thick cement or gypsum solution on to be established guide bars having established seamen on
  • 01:05: places we start test horizontality rules and level all directions verifying and securing my glasses on the spot give they dry up If everyone meets the standards we begin to fill cause of special cement mortar mix in
  • 01:35: According to instruction manufacturer's solution bringing it to creamy consistency and proceed to fill sex dilute prepared mixture by sex starting at the corner room carefully fill all cavities and crevices to avoid emergence uneven rules start
  • 02:06: smoothen a solution over the surface perfectly straight the rule must navigate through guide rails as on rails smoothing the first batch of solution prepare the next and fill in continuation of the first in this way all the prepared by surface smoothening the rules
  • 02:36: imaginary line connection of two batches of solution make sure not to was formed wavelike convex joint due to different consistencies solution completely flooded will dry up from 10 to 30 days