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  • 00:00: want your rozhdestvennik blossomed right to Christmas and pleased your whole flowering winter now Nelly Murashkina tells how organize your home present tropical garden Velichko live salaries of three lazy because when you come all around I blooms but when you're not. even the most beautiful flowers refuse pleases me your flowering from rozhdestvennikom the same story basically rozhdestvennik unpretentious plant but you need to know
  • 00:30: some secrets and because he is beautiful want do everything possible so he really blossomed you know It allowed both usually 5 errors very typical and today we will understand this as they and eliminate why rozhdestvennik chooses a strange time for flowering December - January rozhdestvennik bloom is Then when the day short Schlumberger so abrasive cactus called natural founders Kvitki
  • 01:00: Thou in our ears tank I do not know lyrics Both decembrist Figure 2 c native grew up on like esger Sgiach in spruce Lesin tropical Brazil Won growth and about the members bars on the table and the root ken donate syria sheet like guy the roses and a half of the furnace summer time is served colors sick with her watered smallest such on the planet humming-bird Lapiths and din on the ladder whether the spell fall winter hours primary pickle and Crimea in Ukraine Ruslan himself and there have
  • 01:30: us through the open hater in Lidka Age less and quits most Zinka in the nature of the well and loshad Chervona the Razheva Schlumberger all i quit on square inrush is grown Chudovo grade and squid camry the banner is not a new one disease and white apricot and yellow raspberry and purple you and up to purple and So today there reveals five secrets right care rozhdestvennikom which as a result thank us lush flowering all winter is almost at my house
  • 02:01: many kinds rozhdestvennikom and happy they are with me mid-November and end of January each floret somewhere blooms 5 days but since they disclosed the series bloom extended for many months and so all that you tell good rozhdestvennik and my life is not yet confirmed because that time when he must bloom at proper care I have it somehow this shrinks impression that simply refuses
  • 02:31: live well, let will understand where he's you is I think rozhdestvennik then where poprohladnee exposing the balcony balcony I glazed as winter already it is becoming quite straight cold frost already penetrate and balcony and it was then in our room but you but you know you will find just everything is clear briskly the date you overexpose on the balcony, and more all he was frozen and so it can throw flowers or do not bloom what is the correct ideal
  • 03:01: temperature conditions for him there is especially if we We want to it blossomed somewhere 50 days before expected life we we help him We will exhibit at the most cool place where temperature will not less than 15 degrees it there will be yourself It feels great and bloom easily if rozhdestvennik subject to low ie temperatures is 10 degrees then it may county leaves just perry
  • 03:31: merzaev moisture inside sheet and now he can memory naturally that we rozhdestvennik We bring into the house of obsessed with temperature of at least 15 degrees we have even special table for to better completed all five rules of care rozhdestvennikom it's time to open Jens view will take on Duchamp we look We see the first results exposure temperature and is be it with the first we have a problem We sorted out but then It is not the only reason for which
  • 04:01: rozhdestvennik not blooms often our lovers pour it wants some water to it absorbed and more plants begin just to escape flight's start fall away here and so segments of our shoots, I would have thought frankly it just from a lack of glaze then tell please novice how often to watering flower to he was comfortable in the summer they watered can a little often depends if the temperature
  • 04:31: it 35 is possible have doubled in week to water and in winter it there is no more times a week and let's find look at our the second rule watered once a week and we flowered 2 floret matter how namely water to use water It should be at room temperature and always sludge to chlorine at least daily and soil rozhdestvennik in need change if the pot particularly small our plant the course
  • 05:01: as it will have to how to transplant determine that the small pot roots will go through drainage holes I realized this is our third problem when we choose wrong size pot for plants if we are in sadim a big pot of something the plant can not master stage begin superficially koreshochki grow and all forces leave on formation the root system tears will not it well vsa time he
  • 05:32: bloom but not this may be the next or later chased so you need to plant in accordance with the size of the root system that is pot should be outright small is stimulates him to flowering and find a let's help this our plant and planted it in a small pot to the right ground fine before than we do proceed practical I offer classes Czech according con
  • 06:02: nescafe the first rule of the morning newcomer has always been I wonder how you manage to put all the flowers which you live they have you in a few floors and that there is a husband makes shelves additional on windows and moreover large peaceful plant in the neighborhood Well let's here I put small pot the spirit of the unit that is both there with some rooted cherry night so com The plants are placed well pets at You have a cat, and he
  • 06:32: friendly colors with something down he love and dratsenu Chlorophytum is he favorite food I do not have permitted it punished as perfectly refreshed cheered up and now We can change the soil rozhdestvennik in some rules you you know rozhdestvennik blooms and grows in naturally in sufficient rich soils that is, it should be I have to humus soil and we shaped soil deciduous turf
  • 07:02: little humus and sand while we add another necessarily Charcoal he It works as a antiseptic if suddenly you zalesh its plant there and thus it saved from decay traditionally at the bottom keramzit here now for some plants we prepare Now the stage for this yes but that's clearly visible as crown himself
  • 07:32: rozhdestvennika even more than in the pot we need it put over I put drainage little wood coal and then we put our soil now she formed you Mishina and now we move our floret but since I use gloves and so on Duchamp shake our Plants how are you you see the root his system very small usually to Schlumberger
  • 08:02: we brought from while in the Netherlands some the transport ground which did not nutritious and therefore necessarily need transplant but after she cease to reduce often in plants the root system It is the same approximately volume as the crown and at he root system small and therefore pot Accordingly, it is because in nature it grows as a epiphytic plants you remember we once
  • 08:32: We talked to you about Orchid yes that is it that the plant is growing Naderi crevices milestone assume branch bark branches or in some root pockets he Do not drink juice from plant just use it as support the impression that he quickly grow out this pot and have again replant some periodicity about changes to pots rozhdestvennik of if young plant
  • 09:02: just beginning to bulge roots here and he begins overwhelm the Of course we have to you replant it happens somewhere once in 2 years it should be done somewhere in March, I note you that, in principle, after we planted Schlumbergera is not necessary water but we endure three or four days of drought it's better tune in to rooting and then polem excellent the secret of this is important
  • 09:32: I remember seeing you him well rammed and we quite loose good land so I rammed and will after watering watch if the ground settles and we We can still pour find and give me this pot here see visually seen how big turned out to be a pot yes yes so then there would be here plants are very long I have mastered com perhaps even land You poured the martial and the land would be here soured I was there uncomfortable I understand
  • 10:02: now it is confident that this plant bloom and we the time to open one piece of advice to find open land in a small pot and rejuvenate plants it sounds mysterious Yes, I tell I open the flip and Look what we have here We see three problems and we decided to have three florets on our Schlumbergera but what hence rejuvenating it happens that the plant pot at the time but he It takes a lot of volume and after
  • 10:32: flowering, you can simply by pinch here in this way segments such we about We encourage what he These will begin to branch segments we do not choose the dry a few hours can be to the day and tuck to neighboring pot for hanging end we listen dry them as he grows up, he do not kill for the matter and tuck you can look at Duchamp do deepening cherenochek
  • 11:02: insert and literally in a month we will see new shoot from there growing and that means that the plant is already rooted and we We can sit in separate pot Of course small the first person planted greens beautiful branches and Well why no flowers there may be a number reasons one of them if you do not I watered with his fertilizers plant also yes Davie for growing
  • 11:32: period between March and just before the August you should at watered every second watering that is twice per month fertilize the plant fertilizers to decorative and flowering Plants can be bought in a flower shop yes of course perfectly here just it turns out that rozhdestvennika it No bloom but we must not forget it to fertilize it then blossomed in winter to find and to to make sure he I flowered first August we start
  • 12:02: quietly reduce watering and so and have somewhere to middle of October field and almost We stop at the same time temperature estevstvenno already falls outside look that leaves very plump and moisture it can store a lot of it have him for a long time will be enough to tell you Both lighting plant loves bright but diffused light still cheated
  • 12:32: we cause him sure of this hardy sun and in winter autumn when there daylight hours small, we definitely puts it on the brightest spot We do not put somewhere room depths otherwise it would kill him grow he will bring will never perhaps this is another advice that we and the fix open affecting such way to the flower, we We obtain such an effect colors becoming longer and we somehow
  • 13:02: way should adjust number of colors Nature certainly none they regulate the number of colors and usually if the plant can not pull out all the buds it just will dry them but you can and help it if you all that very big the number and end of each segment directly to 5 flowers you can patch kick a few but I do not I do it myself adjusted to bloom when the cash feed flower and water it
  • 13:32: Feeding the in the active vegetation from March and August and the moment when we will see conceived glasses here buds that appeared here we start too already watered with fertilizers also times in two weeks, well, It left on Duchamp latest error to see as best as possible Flowering people take turn flower like this way to blossom troubles usually it forming buds on
  • 14:02: sunny side looking out the window, too, we we want to enjoy flowering and when unfolded then it resets God can not be so to do so we do not we can not do phyto orientation we can change it let's move here and so yes wipe the sill and just put at the same place but This revolves around its axis We have no right and it is amazing it was the last Generally it is well
  • 14:32: usually easily remember it impressive and well all the conditions we will get just such a beauty Yes, you can say rozhdestvennik unpretentious but attentive and flower is sometimes It does wonders buy rozhdestvennik Well the same color flowers themselves and then he suddenly I picked up and changed color The fact that both typically Schlumberger after she we blossomed again it What do the rest period a little after bloom to it
  • 15:02: that is, a rest temperature on windowsill quite low we also do not pour and a lot of it on it acts as that it can bloom and in the spring but the spring has solar Activity completely different and flowers become the different color have let beige floret can be pink tint White usually there are more pinkish itself from intensities
  • 15:32: lighting depends Paint color great all secrets are now well-known caring for rozhdestvennikom you get gratitude in the form of lush long winter blooms thank you so much youtube to you greetings I liked this video then leave Comment and share them with your friends and even subscribe to our channel and you will know all the first