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Temperature regulator in the greenhouse from plastic bottles - YouTube  See details »

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  • 00:00: I want to introduce your attention a single controller the temperature in the greenhouse consisting of two plastic bottles one big here it placed on a table and 2 petite connected a tube for to
  • 00:33: adjust the temperature in the greenhouse We need top greenhouse ventilated ventilator or about Iasi parent the window it rises and falls and ventilator glue on the bone 2d between strikes put the little bottle of sleeping
  • 01:03: kilogram lake a return spring is our principle actions such large plastic working suspended top greenhouses where most high temperatures for the best efficiency can be still here and roll up and black film PE
  • 01:34: it increases the temperature in the bottle to eighty degrees and that's all reflects on pressure loss more bottle temperature the greater the pressure here I am reconnecting gauge of tonometer though here through for tubes straw
  • 02:06: polybag not to a manometer is the thickest body in the bottle well as here in the rear part here, too, pipe and tube connected here such on the tubes is such a copper tube 1 here threaded is inverted and thermo-adhesive
  • 02:36: ie sealing must be if leaks somewhere will air place a system will not work now therefore be heated or air expands increased pressure it is passed on tube always a small bottle small bottle expands and raises dostochku He opens the window That's how it is now, we
  • 03:07: imitate a deal a simple click on as this process heating there is some minutes will not abuse your attention and simply Push down on the will's of 1 will follow the fortochkoy Now open allowed pressure rises here somewhere 40
  • 03:39: millimeters small bottle of lost Boards rises ventilator rises leave this way is regulation the temperature in the greenhouse while we airing since hot air accumulates in the upper part of the greenhouse and open windows it goes well here and
  • 04:09: all the whole system and even the pressure in the real conditions lifted up to 100 millimeters mercury pressing only 60 and push my this shall raise real greenhouses should schools more open window leaf in such a simple adjustment
  • 04:42: the temperature in the greenhouse can say folk from scrap funds and two bottles Boards tubes 2 springs that and you can be left Pane's all