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  • 00:00: hello everyone with you price on lazy The kitchen is one of my favorite food this herring under the fur coat and today I decided show you how you cook decorate for cooking me will need 300 grams of herring fillets 1 head onions or 60 70 grams onion more than one apple is desirable to 400 grams
  • 00:30: sugar beet 2 boiled tuber potato is about 400 grams one large boiled carrots and 200 250 grams mayonnaise for strata if you want to the dish was more tender but can not mixed with sour cream in equal proportions for clearance to me you need a form evicted food decorative film biscuit could 100 grams to vary and 1 gram of gelatin herring fillets are needed
  • 01:04: cut into small pieces cube bow too small and all other products i on a grater it is desirable add 5 grams water mix and leave to swell and swollen gelatin it is necessary to melt on water bath or microwave oven add to this mayonnaise and stir now end need to attach in a confectioner's bag and put in fridge but if you do not have confectionery bag you can use common memory 4 classic teddy bear yet does not crop on
  • 01:34: coarse grinding rub beet can immediately form leeks a roof in half and every half of two parts and finely cut it now It is necessary to wash out well and let the water drain when we are on the glass add onions finely chopped orphans add a spoon vegetable oil and all mix and showing neatly one form literally I will be without juice not good trees can
  • 02:04: Lubricate with a thin layer mind now here on a large grater then carrots evenly distribute and shit tamped relubricate a thin layer of mayonnaise five half potatoes again immediately a thin layer of mayonnaise clear the apple I delete core or king ivan iv arthur also on
  • 02:35: dimensional Aristotle on this layer of mayonnaise is not I grease and at once I lay stocking services of rubbing the remaining patient potatoes add two spoons mayonnaise mix and close the cricket now you need to cover up jq looking for a film back steam clock refrigerator get the convolutions with refrigerator and now
  • 03:06: must be removed from the top food film top stack serving distant turn over carefully remove form and very carefully remove food film from above I put the rest mayonnaise and very accurately compare spoon or pallet edges also kronos call at will can be rubbed on top 2 for yolk around the perimeter lay out carotene
  • 03:36: heaven baby get out of fridge skin mayonnaise and with the help of deferred not for I do 3 of this beautiful herring under cheek with me happened be sure prepare I wish you pleasant appetite thank you for being together with me and watched the video if liked to put like and share video with friends and comment on and subscribe to our channel to new meetings shape.