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Salad Sherlock. Very tasty salad for holidays.

Salad Sherlock. Very tasty salad for holidays.  See details »

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  • 00:00: all the good day and Have a good mood today we are with you let's prepare a salad sherlock for this we need 250 grams boiled chicken any fillet of chicken champignons pickled 200 grams 4 boiled egg onions peeled walnuts Nuts 80 grams and mayonnaise salt pepper on taste
  • 00:30: first of all we fry nuts to us need 80 grams here I'm 200 about half somewhere like this until the nuts lightly we are fried let's make a salad cut into cubes
  • 01:03: chicken meat chop chicken then we'll cut it champignons to us need 200 grams
  • 01:33: champignons are here I'm 180 in total principle will go all over a jar it is what beautiful mushrooms even cutting is not I would like so I would put whole but we need cut them platelets here such this mountain
  • 02:20: champignons we add to meat nuts lightly roasted I now need them chop and add in salad nuts I crushed and add let's leave the salad slightly for decorations on top on top of that sprinkle
  • 02:50: what was beautiful the following procedure y we are fried onions we toast the onions in this salad little zest
  • 03:29: of this salad is in that when you will fry onions a little add punctures are not there will be condiments for Chicken I have chicken broth but any seasoning you need her we add a little bit add a tiny bit chicken fried onion until
  • 04:10: golden color and shift it into a plate that he cooled down neatly until the onion cools we'll make eggs well that we proceed to cutting eggs we keep them also cubes like meat itself
  • 04:40: add them our let's add the salad cooled already onion salt slightly pepper and mayonnaise
  • 05:11: everything is neat mix how much add mayonnaise see for yourself the need for both you will take salad and How do you like someone loves about god mayonnaise someone generally loves him slightly add therefore mayonnaise
  • 05:41: add to your discretion if see what's in the salad dry for you can add more if you do not have confectionery rings then you can
  • 06:11: take advantage plastic bottle from under the water from under juice and spasm of lemonade but only so that she was smooth and cut such a ring beautifully to form a salad add the leftovers nutlet
  • 06:42: to complete painting wallowing like this Here is a beautiful juicy appetizing with us turned out a salad the name of the Sherlock on this I'm with you
  • 07:15: I say goodbye to everyone dating all to see you soon till