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  • 00:00: napoleon cake first this stage preparation puff dough to cook those present were then take three hours, I decided to simplify your task and prepare at on minute dough 4 cups of flour needed will necessarily Sift flour sift gorochkoy to the dough It was light and air use only first grade flour or embroidered always add half teaspoon salt salt rub 500 grams frozen
  • 00:30: butter for To the oil is not stuck a single lump every time peppered vanity flour see what I It happened here is crumbly dough but it should be uniform so here I still add 1 cup of cold ice water do deepening pour water and knead the dough somewhere kneaded to quickly butter does not
  • 01:00: melted to Stitch goals Nasty and uniformity and so the dough kneaded and now it needs to be will knead lightly shifting all on the table in the children lots of butter for so that it is not not quickly concealed and not sticks to the hands lightly flour podpylyayu but not much otherwise the dough will tightened and knead here It is obtained uniform elastic dough after we
  • 01:31: Knead the dough is shall stand and relax the gluten flour should swell water and only after that it will be easy roll out this dough will need to be divided on the flat balls pinch off around somewhere 12 balls you must get the ball and drove choose to sip one close cover and remove in refrigerator for about for 15 minutes and at this We proceed
  • 02:01: cooking custard us It needs 1 liter milk it should be be sure to bring to the boiling until the milk will we boil prepare egg sugar flour and do not forget add half teaspoon spoon vanilla Sahara if you use vanillin it is only the tip knife individually will need to and beat 4 eggs 350 grams of sugar and inciting and at the end
  • 02:34: We fall asleep 50 grams flour flour as necessarily sift milk boiled print boiling milk pour egg mixture if immediately enter eggs with sugar boiling milk and eggs curl and float cop and quietly pour eggs whisk milk We start quickly
  • 03:04: mix necessarily on the bottom the cream begins to boil bubbling boil for one minute and remove from heat cream consistency It should be similar to semolina and order to give custard creamy taste add 100 grams butter mix and the now you need cream will shift to a separate container and cool to room temperature pour over local
  • 03:35: dish close Cover and cool until the cream cools we turn to third stage rolling and baking cakes We roll out a circle around somewhere diameter should be 26 centimeters as the dough is rolled out can be thinner cut down Circle game there 22 centimeter cranking unnecessary remove obtained a perfect circle for dough
  • 04:06: rose equally take spatula and gently make here are notches dough spread on baking and ship preheated to 210 degree oven and bake not five to seven minutes until the first cake we baked roll out sometimes so all twelve shortcakes all you can drink last cake we do these cool cakes and proceed to
  • 04:36: assembly custard cake cream gently distribute spatula on the surface of the cake gently pressed and Put glue 3 cakes to make chips for after dusting we have stuck together all cakes begin primer cake surface and side should be perfectly straight Now take the remaining cakes
  • 05:06: break them convert mug next stage Put a dusting cake his hand on sprinkle first tank even the most recent all surface cake cake is ready but I I decided to complicate task and prepare This unusual pattern We will caramel need 200 and 70 grams of sugar milliliters of water to candy
  • 05:37: no sugar add some citric acid We put on a plate as a Only sugar syrup begins to boil skim caramel prepared quickly taught March 2 minutes she so be ready is not to depart from the me once caramel ready quickly dip it in otherwise cold water it will burn Caramel should be Now this amber color slightly and and stir and cool and Getting Started decoration preparation We can make the mesh
  • 06:07: It is the most simple that can cook We can do in Lira one drop, and therefore spoon gently just do not forget to make some spirals next Stage cake decoration caramel cools very fast just a few minutes and you're done which turned caramel fan and insert them into the center Cake for more the volume insert
  • 06:37: caramel lattice ready home Napoleon top sprinkle lightly icing sugar