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Knitting of openwork patterns spokes. Beautiful openwork pattern of \"Spiral\"  See details »

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  • 00:00: Greetings dear lovers knitting today I will I want to offer Here's a tie openwork pattern which is called openwork spiral he holds very and just and to use him You can both when knitting blouses and caps very beautiful looks pattern Here is such here spiralek bound 1
  • 00:30: rapport of the pattern consists of 9 loops so we need to gain the number of loops 9 times pattern will be the same and on the front of the scheme and on the wrong side knit his will But on such a scheme, who can someone easier knit it on Scheme I recorded see chart
  • 01:01: someone easier to knit on records video well and let's start this knitting pattern here here such here fishnet holes obtained and such here is the original weave and so Getting Started Knitting the first row and and remove an edge 3 loops provyazyvaem facial facial 3 and 6
  • 01:32: loops backstitches And 3 566 backstitches facial and alternate to end of the row 3 facial 6 backstitches
  • 02:05: and the first bead number we knit then knit the second a number of the second row, we provyazyvaem on drawing an edge remove provyazyvaem 3 backstitches and 6 facial and again 3 and backstitches
  • 02:46: 6 and facial knit to end of the series second row we and third provyazat series also knit on figure
  • 03:19: so turn
  • 04:02: their knitting and now we vyvyazyvayut drawing remove an edge provyazyvaem 3 backstitches continue we will do interweaving here it is for this we will need three loop here of these 6 facial 3 the first hinge remove for additional spoke before leaving
  • 04:32: work that is you need to cross It can be left take advantage of extra spokes Well, I'm doing this 3 loop manner remove the right spoke first three loop again We return to the left needle that is swap them and then these three loops returned on left needle so we them
  • 05:02: and now rebaptized about their facial knit 6 facial then knit 3 backstitches and again we have 6 cross stitches left the first three loops remove and leave extra spokes
  • 05:32: knit the 3 facial there we are interchange to we were more comfortable thus not tap additional needle who can not you can to retake further and provyazyvaem facial 1 2 3 4 5 6 6 loops and finishing 3
  • 06:12: backstitches and bead knit the next row 3 in pattern of facial 6 backstitches 3 facial
  • 06:43: 6 backstitches next row provyazyvaem on drawing so have we
  • 07:13: will be no so-knit an edge 3 backstitches more here The six face provyazyvaem in the following way first provyazyvaem facial following 2 provyazyvaem with the right slope have the front wall making 2 sc 2 and the following loop 2 together with provyazyvaem
  • 07:44: tilt left their knit as follows way one loop provyazyvaya not remove following provyazyvaem front and stretch it through shot we've got 2 loop with shift to the left with tilt the left and 1 face further 3 backstitches again a first loop face 2
  • 08:15: loops together at the with a front wall tilt right February 2 sc and do broach loop remove the following provyazyvaem front and We pulled through shot with an offset left two loops front and 3 and backstitches bead
  • 08:45: following the sixth row knit 3 facial on seamy Wrong and these two sc provyazyvaem 1 sc provyazyvaem face 2 sc provyazyvaem purl crossed that is, the rear wall provyazyvaem
  • 09:15: seamy 2 3 next backstitches face again 2 backstitches on two key
  • 09:47: sc 1 provyazyvaem front 2 purl crossed behind back wall seamy loop on 2 backstitches and facial 3 and the lip seventh row knit 3
  • 10:20: backstitches so here These six facial knit as follows 2 forms a first hinge provyazyvaem together front slope that is, the right of front wall We do next sc 2 facial provyazyvaem and the last 2 sc facial slope left and do this
  • 10:51: broach first loop remove the second provyazyvaem front and We pulled through 3 and removed backstitches repeat again first hinge 2 provyazyvaem together the front face 2 facial wall nakida sc and broach remove the loop knit next face and hands shot through
  • 11:22: 3 and backstitches bead knit the next row by drawing sc provyazyvaem purl loops 3 facial and 6
  • 12:00: backstitches sc previous row provyazyvaem seamy knit the next row by drawing three backstitches and 6
  • 12:36: facial three backstitches and six facial we get here
  • 13:10: such a beautiful openwork pattern These are not the wives of water spiral pattern on repeat if that is not clearly ask write in comments Do not forget subscribe to Channel who first on my channel place if you like like pattern, and to
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