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Knitting of a children's jacket spokes. Baby knitting

Knitting of a children's jacket spokes. Baby knitting  See details »

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  • 00:00: Greetings dear lovers knitting and today I I want to tell you as the fit is such baby jackets I knitted it for her grandson it is connected to baby two years old and Knitting I I used here a yarn alize it is one hundred percent acrylic 100 grams of 210 meters
  • 00:30: used knitting needles Gum spokes number 3 and knitting itself Blouse spokes number 4 such conventional spokes no. it is not fine she is we bring Keith kibble such dense and blouse It will receive a warm and Soft but now I I will tell you how or
  • 01:02: room and so for knitting I then have it knitted Now knit back so here's a simple relief pattern on and I put in front of here a decorative it's such an element Here pigtails tally they are also very easy listed for knitting I gained back 60
  • 01:34: loops at the bottom is rezinochka somewhere 3 centimeter gum fit one-on-one here it seems simple relief pattern backrest height about 22 23 7 32 33 centimeter as for Sleeveless I also gained 40
  • 02:04: loops and after the gum I add 6 loops and gave it to them 10 stitches I added to the total difficulty for expansion sleeve shelves respectively 30 loops each shelf, plus on June 6
  • 02:34: additional loops Knitting the strap has a strap connected Garter here I have made such Now buttons of crocheted such interesting turned here and here It was such here warm and blouse Now I want you
  • 03:04: show how to fit Here is the main he is very fit pattern a relief pattern so for us to sample You need to collect the number of loops 6 times and now I show how he fit an edge loop
  • 03:34: shoot here and on the edges and lose more an additional one front loop to yes we figure I do not start with edge that is 6 plus one additional loop plus 2 edge so front provyazyvaem then knit follows the there's us Figure 4 we are loops on knitting this is now an element the first two loops we can be used additional needle Well, I do not use
  • 04:04: because it is not particularly convenient to the two loops We have them move in the following way we first loop reserve back and the second loop we I move forward here so their reversed and provyazyvaem their facial loops us is moving to the right authors 2 loops us need to do move it to the left
  • 04:34: we have provyazyvaem first the rear the wall of the second loop front and then first of all have more We are two and facial then again repeat There are two hinges hemi schA it right first loop We leave behind a the second loop we move forward
  • 05:04: swapped and provyazyvaem face 2 2 provyazyvaem loop first second loop the rear wall and then the first loop facial loops 2 again, the facial and Again move the there are changing their seats so we
  • 05:35: provyazyvaem facial loops and beyond first provyazyvaem the second loop and then 1 and again two end again change places and their provyazyvaem and so on until the end of the series
  • 06:07: bead next row knit purl loops all even rows provyazyvaem purl loops so we this series
  • 06:57: tied second and third row knit in the following way remove an edge 1 we continue to face provyazyvaem three times two front and three again make movement that is we get here four loops 1 loop listed here with
  • 07:27: previous water displacement two intermediate loops and 1's with the next movement that is drawing is on diagonals again same We remove them change places and provyazyvaem facial and again first 2 then the first and that's where we
  • 07:57: went following moving but that's in previous row Here we have it These disperse they are the two hinges in We now have fall intermediate between figure 2 and again loop to change the place and provyazyvaem facial Take away the second loop of the a rear wall and the first two and facial
  • 08:27: again swapping and provyazyvaem following facial 2 hinges for the rear the wall of the second loop and 1 and then in the end of the row we get 3 facial edge here we see drawing
  • 08:58: is a He barely visible light It comes from the so-on diagonal and jacket and so he here it goes a little support diagonal in general here so it is fit Baby jackets if you liked Like write place comments that unclear
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