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  • 00:00: I am again with you in this I bring these hojitas video we will Roma are making these leaves the roses I showed in another video right now I'm going to say materials which we will use as we will go doing and you can use them because to be the figure that you ok I wish to trust his creativity and know they will be very
  • 00:32: very pretty I used materials is this knitting hook 10 with a number scissors to cut and thread Cotton will not use this nuanced They can also use glass and if are like and their possibilities get also this is a thread No. 10 1 kilo cotton
  • 01:04: Well let's start making four chains going to get the hook to give all return and will start with 4 chains to make a small ring once you have the four chains and you're going to get the hook directly in the first chain and is we will engage him and let's move on 22 and here we will weave this thread
  • 01:38: making four chains February 3 and 4 Here I'll ride the hook once I to get into the ring pull thread engage pass within the first cry engage pass within two illegal and finally engage and happen in these two crimes that have
  • 02:10: the hook and let us make three points high here we have the three highest points We did more to lift the chain let's ride the hook twice Now let's go back to the ring and pull thread hook passes into the first two and lithos hook pass within the second two
  • 02:41: illicit and finally to engage and pass within these two illicit in this way you will notice as if high five points but had we will only use the center of the three who made the three points high let's turn and we will make four chains here we will make two points
  • 03:11: high in the first high point below we have those two points to 2 let to make a high point in the next point let's do a little chain here and Take heed let's do a little chain I'll do as I have three
  • 03:42: here on this sheet appointment in the separation I have here ok if you like doing 2k venitas it is to be more or less made a little more closed this opening will go here of the chains that we will do in the Leaf center I will do the three chains or so
  • 04:14: good and did three walks Now I'll make a high point again where did this earlier point thus and they will go running and we will make the two high points in the same next point below look if you are staying here as
  • 04:48: we have three points from this side let's ride the hook twice and meter between this chain we have here to me it gets a little difficult for me I have the camera in front but you They may be seeing better than me here they will do the same as we did pass between the first two and lithos hook pass between the two second
  • 05:19: and finally engage and move in and lithos last two will flip again to make the four chains and We are always going to do four for ok rise that we have these four chains will make two high points the first point we have here and we have those two high points we will make a high point only
  • 05:52: Each point is that not only two only and we will always increase by point at the first point let's do both forgiveness 3 chains and make a point at each point top of the first two of this lake and now we will do two in the third
  • 06:34: Point two high points at the same point because we have these two high points the same point we will do the same to lose in this chain and is mounted the hook twice and repeat point as we did in the previous line Also just as we will always
  • 07:05: Let's turn to the four cainita and make the two high points first point and can make a sheet the size you always like increasing in the first point below a point thus remaining two high points at the same point and
  • 07:36: to a high point at each point of the following well here are already then five points separation and make three chains the same on this side a point in higher first three points and two points high in the fourth point as we
  • 08:06: the five points on this side too let's get down like riding and hooks times and are going back just how I showed in the first and second line well and I have the chain 4 Here I will make a point at each point high if they want to make the leaf more
  • 08:36: big here have to increase again two points at the same point in this case I'm going to do already and I love her and I'll do the other part of the sheetlet will make a high point in each high point down and a single either are already five points going to do separation and three cainitas repeat five points on this side
  • 09:07: same here and I have five points each side I'll do the same to lose and so also we will return the same how to teach them turning saying the and four chains are here and we will do point reduction will make a point in the first high point but
  • 09:37: incomplete and we will not close another time I will make another point next point maintain the second point and this is where we will close those points that are going to create three illicit still hooked and spend within those three illegal Now let's make a single point
  • 10:08: each high point Now let's do the same separation three chains do these first three points a single point complete and now we will make a point in the fourth point but it will be a full point because these two are going to
  • 10:38: go now to make the next two latter are incomplete to close in a single crime the fine here we engage and we will pass all three minutes so they will look like they will go reducing their points here and let
  • 11:08: to turn to the four chains and these high point and make a complete and incomplete second high point the next highest point and this is where always they are going to close and will go
  • 11:39: ok reducing their points until they remain only three high points Look at the remaining three high points It can be the same width increase two times and makes a point of going high Here I will make hit four
  • 12:11: chains and here you have a point high at every point here would be two and would be incomplete in this way we will now make two of the same side to incomplete join together
  • 12:45: so here are going to see will have the five and mounted on the sleeve width wide spending within those kilitos Here are riding twice the width and make the high point or double high going in the same direction as all
  • 13:19: which we did Thus although here they will do three chains and will turn the leaf here they will do a low of only three hooks are illegal and have within those three offenses here they will do these crimes that
  • 13:49: They remained two points equally bajitos this form I have two if you want to add three can adding three I'll do 22 chains and Do in the same space two points rasos That's why you go running like a
  • 14:21: piquito here you will spend just going to ride the hook will always happen to next space doing the same thing two There are four points rather razo points two separate chains of two two to get down here this is how they will go staying here
  • 14:51: Where is that little guitar where we started to make four points unseparated arms together and we continue like this side just as Wake did look at it and we on this side here is the little girl who did well when we turn to start lows here we will do what we have
  • 15:26: We done here on the shores ok let's razos make four points bajitos two separate chains of two two It remains to be seen if they want to build up a Daisy Chain over here can make Here we will close the work he and
  • 15:56: we will make a point slipped This way we will make two chains and ready to cut can make as they said the size you like do it here and we will answer the the tail and were not among the points Thus WHO and responding
  • 16:30: ready here already have their little leaf thanks for the attention you give my videos thanks for sharing the miners are you can reach the side Petal down or just the can be connected here in a peck
  • 17:03: these flower I have a rose here and now before a is big I did differently I want to on a path table the tutorial I will make another video good if you want to make roses
  • 17:34: thank big gay I hope you are well and await the next video Take care