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Pie with a stuffing. Pie as easy as shelling pears.  See details »

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  • 00:00: Hello I am today I will cook the cake as easy as pie easier not mean bull you need to start 30 already broke here I add half teaspoon of salt and mixed up the eggs well then stir add 4 tablespoons tablespoons vegetable oils
  • 00:30: too, all mixed it's a little side from there so now here you can also schepotochku Sahara Well somewhere tea spoon too Shuffle the stacks it is not necessary to shake up usually take two cups flour I sifted and and it is a big ask then I put the bowl
  • 01:02: taking of tea a spoonful of baking soda into the flour I it in vinegar never stub because it tastier obtained the dough is stirred soda with flour and I am looking for some quick dough then so here Now I pour this entire mixture of egg steel then receive 2 cups yogurt
  • 01:32: flour is flour, too the fact to the same sign in terms of further one cup ether role of yogurt and all the pack carefully mix obtained a watery dough like on pancakes first fork to general well carefully
  • 02:03: mix Well Well Here's a test I have a I got it fork has plumped If you whisk whisk in convenient I do not have I can so to uniform but such consistency that well as the mode approximate such fluid is not lumps nothing It was pretty fork comfortable too strays now here it
  • 02:33: test, we will share into two parts taking pan greased with vegetable butter the bottom and the edge now I'll try two parts to rovnenko was somewhere like this about it spread out then I made
  • 03:07: stuffing did not show how Prepare the filling is I had the mushroom you You can do for utterly any what love can make stew of minced cabbage anything I I mean mushrooms I put out carrots and onions together well, both in individually then all He is now mixed together neatly decompose the top Here the liquid mixture Well, something like this here
  • 03:37: try rovnenko nothing terrible that he was there snail down slightly subside Well, in general, the process you I shade hour I so that the grass is now pile for and I show that I then came here I laid out the stuffing fork here and so gently smooth the both on the rake then around the perimeter the second part of the test I pour stuffing
  • 04:10: I try to top all covered rovnenko Here are as good at almost all all All this is covered here whisk see here what a beauty spatula to direct all most droplets can to clean a plate
  • 04:41: very convenient way now spatula here too here not to flatten It could be seen stuffing nothing wrong if it will be seen almost all screw cover as for those taking son as you have not
  • 05:11: sure there some amount little there there is little Sarah nothing wrong and Sprinkle with the cheese I rubbed on a coarse grater cake falling asleep then heated to 180 degree oven I put the pie on 25-30 minutes, that is, then check it the willingness
  • 05:41: toothpick or and some liver You can check or toothpicks all we start here in duhovochku on me I had already warmed up very I turned over 20-30 minutes will watch all stood in my somewhere 25 30 minutes cake turned out
  • 06:13: Three magnificent readiness I toothpick Check now he I had a little cool and I show you how to cut the It looks sectional such a beauty cake slightly below These cool slightly fell but still very lush edge excellent fade go Just so soft soft soft so now I will be his cut to
  • 06:43: look like He won three straight in a soft dough hot when knocks then it is very convenient brothers obtained this
  • 07:13: still hot even goes couples here's a look which turned out to section where mushrooms Here's what to sing lush hot
  • 07:47: a delicious cake nezhnenko soft cheese felt top January 2 melted so as easy as pie minimum cost minimum time filling any so want to try when cooking is very quick but tasty hats bye bye to next meeting