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  • 00:00: a greeting to all, I today will do pastry and bake buns You can certainly do and cakes with fillings but I do love very precisely buns they have obtained such lush sugary frosted so I want to show the people and the dough if you want do not butter the dough can be just We are all prepared but but without the sugar and the recipe is simple so that You do not need eggs and flour oil sugar salt but I'll show you in
  • 00:30: process and I I liked that cook this dough It can be in 30 minutes to bake cakes or bread but if you like you feel not enough that he's It can be lifted and longer hold in within an hour many times I I did this cake recipes do not cakes and buns the way the guru buns very much and so, too, with you anyone interested in sharing look for children this is it is very tooth
  • 01:00: I very well its very they are often too recently butt so It means to proceed First, I take the stuff here I have half a pack such raw yeast I take it caps somewhere in the fourth part so here's a little more 4 parts here the mate I have for milk from the next I have not times of growth or
  • 01:33: fly frozen were nothing later Now I will add here Sakharkov bit to brew yeast up I do like well
  • 02:03: as it is literally a couple so that they We began to eat three Sakharkov bit Stir and add here flour milk Milk I and warmed flour bit again Stir and put in warm place for
  • 02:37: to yeast We began to rise bubble and well behaved just a little diluted jelly all this and that's something pair so just call for a few minutes I put in a warm place to raise
  • 03:07: Well Well friends I rose literally We stand 5 minutes on I was there a warm window was the battery immediately seen that the yeast good fresh then I take flour here I have measured out half a kilo of flour 600 grams All I it will not then it is necessary to pour as you order when the dough start how much it will take flour so will add somewhere here so then boldly points
  • 03:37: here's yeast coming up so teaspoon salt and 4 5 tablespoons spoons of sugar because the dough butter if it can be inconvenient all the sugar vegetable oil
  • 04:11: I add somewhere on the fourth part cup somewhere 50 grams it is on the eyes add I add a little vanillin if vanillin nothing can not worry I did add vanillin without you you know you pass just the taste I Popieluszko became grid and milk warmed milk from me down on the floor Mono each bucket
  • 04:42: I live such pachechka just a half-liter and all here, too, add milk and flour knead thoroughly if I have flour mom here will put the letter in general here and so well Here and now I'm looking for some all this stir and show what Well, not consistency be too tight stiff dough Now I kneaded the dough gone somewhere
  • 05:13: approximately one 700 grams of flour again plus or minus depending on the composition of flour did not see how many will take it all I pour a little butter that it is not too in poor to hands you see this but it turns out not too thick and not liquid again well drowned mesh mix then
  • 05:43: how is this Of course it is elastic Now I'm not ready yet it is still on the wall but just felt this they have a grain of sand It becomes longer it pomnesh there Of course eating and better in general because do I cover a towel and put in warm place minutes
  • 06:14: Thirty well seen and well, just will should up if 30 minutes insufficiently may be cooler place can support often have already you see straight so it does not omit it it is necessary to crush all close glass polotenechko Look 30 minutes Now it's gone It is obtained from This is already possible bake but also on the leaf when you
  • 06:44: they carve rolls must either pies be moved These tests have straight I is Pyshnenko and well-received Soft lifting already there is a little bit but I still hold it in a warm place want her yet it was more luxuriant time and secondly I oven stands chicken is still you are not prepared I Peklo its foil, therefore still busy
  • 07:14: just 30 minutes I still have it I stand up, even dough it is not trampled just now showed you how it looks you can out of this bake all closed more I put the dough in my Now it climbs as high as I pull pulled chicken before it took see also here foil baked chicken
  • 07:44: hot even here on boneless ended not cool so baby pulled lush meadows until I I will carve this part of it again I put and cover Polotenchik to crust formed Now I unroll roller in such one large leaf
  • 08:15: reservoir size is ballistics on the thickness of which I you need to roll out and further show that so I will do everything simply unrolled of course you can just roll the dough I have here such protection is not very prevents then take melted butter butter and like this here a little
  • 08:45: I watered it well I smear all over Here, too, the sheet edge so it's on the edges of the matrix was so quickly flatten around formation and sleep well also with the sugar well, Of course I sugar I put enough plan spared because the buns obtained
  • 09:16: they are not sentimental no need to sprinkle powdered sugar nothing more all turns out as quite sweet and measure around the edges too, well that they are right Sweety then so baked get's watching want more want less I like Artist and I also brush on around the reservoir
  • 09:46: place uniformly Now it quickly grab thieves and cut into pieces what you like small large do I take like this here and here one of the I fill down to
  • 10:16: not spread out not oil is not sugar stubborn how to form such rosettes or floret So that's just the edge one here to get it down wrap We get such beautiful rosette again need make cakes and stuff and more of this amount
  • 10:47: pound test half a liter of milk get full here a large sheet buns Now all that's so then more work with the following parts too as rolled out I impose buns then I cover Polotenchik and they have I wasting also to have
  • 11:17: pyshnenkie I later quarreled will show what will and run the oven baked open look like this is not to great astrologer you tochnenko razogretaja I warm up the oven it 180 degrees, and Now I put baked put some on the second level 25 30 minutes anyway glances needed
  • 11:48: that they both already beginning fry already in on 30 total minutochek they stand here all went 25 minutes see buns already well browned and such small uninhibited pyshnenkie then take melted butter all rolls I quickly grease
  • 12:19: I do not like raw egg smeared on top of them of butter so I prefer not to I know many egg not all are brilliant delicious obtained quickly scurrying myagenkie and I do not said that the list I bottom sheet was making paper for baking
  • 12:50: Baking or bakery It referred to as if not properly paper nothing You need to worry, you can simple leaf grease oil and All this I do for the to still little sugar melted and oil to leaf let was clean so now I take a peasant and spread on a leaf tee shirt caste
  • 13:20: show look below are also rosy obtained and pretty for straight here and so at each other to they are cool I spread the dough Just such a magnificent good-baked I will not hot course they how to say very but it is difficult to cut I-baked dough I know because I repeatedly hell no a very
  • 13:50: such small hot I have them quickly I laid out because that if they did not immediately clear this is now and the liquid can be and even here and so sugar on top oil stop line it hardens to select very difficult to so while cushy NUF-NUF It may be so still want say here are delicious buns can be obtained here if a lot of you are at the peak they ought earlier inferno
  • 14:20: somewhere around the bucket if left on the third day, and yet they still malenechko such as spouses can become literally microwave for mine for a moment and they March 2 They would like you again from the oven We pulled so buns are delicious try bake all the best bon appetit and good health to all I want to say goodbye but to show how such beauty is not So they already show
  • 14:50: little or submits see what all soft charm I try here He whispered not resist in general, like the cold as well, straight dough here is a tasty here they are tepid them not It is seen that all all general-baked very very tender good and yummy not learn here here
  • 15:21: All too sweet top than sweet sugar enough so that's yummy I wanted to say I want to say this I retseptik with vista but la fuga Smirnova arena sorry chew VKontakte's it many thanks just thank you for recipe is now always will always done with eggs Now I will always So do three pretty thick times madman until