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  • 00:00: hi friends with you Irina again in my studio and today we talk about this an important issue as the patterns for choice beginners are best minimum specific time use ready patterns and the best of them my opinion magazine offers Burda will be used He called swill fashion and was very more popular in Soviet Union many women dressed thanks but this magazine
  • 00:30: Today the code module transformed buddha steel revision is still in Germany remains one of the leading not only translations but also offers the most neat and precise patterns Germans pedantic and very and it is clear the people It plays a positive role drawing you Craig Log on to, we clicks not only very exactly right
  • 01:01: All the same and suited to each other but also have accurate marking and very many indications are absolutely novice and needed magazine here shows how remove core measurements which then it is necessary to choose table we need size because I you should immediately
  • 01:31: to say so called table Burda sizes differ from those sizes are taken such as Russian Burda magazine as shown on the harm called European table size and name different sizes from our usual though magazine shows At least six of six different here
  • 02:02: showing six various measurements for to on proposed table determinant what we need enough to remove almost exclusively three is the amount of breast volume waist and hips Now we clearly see how it do now Dummy and again look more clearly sees three necessary measurements to be sufficient to
  • 02:33: to determine a what is the size you treat from the table Burda world best mark waist rezinochkoy Next is the narrowest place pieces wherever she was not it is not necessary will continue to parallel to the line gender floor level do this is where really It passes the narrowest place your figure why it is so important
  • 03:04: why and what to to do when the line troll is located not parallel to the line the floor was learn from on my metodichek design with which you You will be able to learn the basics foundations and already gain understanding of how to start building its pattern as Video I narrate little secrets and subtleties in order to get you started move to understanding of how
  • 03:34: to build pattern but for now know that how do you choose journal of the pattern fruit stand, and so that's these three necessary replacements angel breast waist circumference and volume hips breast volume measured through protruding point breast runs parallel to blades through zoo and this line is parallel to Do not foul line either
  • 04:04: As I have already said there where w narrow part of the figure and hip line runs parallel to God through the same line projecting point not good after this you recorded chest girth girth waist and hip girth the figure look at the table if your height
  • 04:35: It is within between 160 and 168 like this It invited you better to address once during this year first table if your height is less than 160 160 centimeters or something you need to contact 2 to the table if your size for example you hip more than 98 and the breast 92 or about
  • 05:05: that you should actually take a combination of the mind two adjacent sizes ie copy chest size 40 and taken from the hip size 42 waist always easy to adjust eg I will not flies too much like most the main indicators of the select the size
  • 05:35: magazines and there in the neighborhood and hip girth I have many years of use magazine Burda or can about you describe the Average body type which is meant these tables I want to tell you a little bit talk about that all are these interesting table are presented in fashion magazines each country
  • 06:07: similar table Russia has a similar tables and Europe each has Country France because Germany his table It has its own table America has its own table and that it It is for professional for light industry These tables are very great in the it's just a case of some small piece from the large tables enjoyed professionals
  • 06:37: how it is done so-called the average country as a woman it is generally done what do you think taken the women casual woman for example 100 people but may be more exactly, I can not tell these deal statistics taken the women you randomly and measurements are made not Drive and bob 1 more I He told to
  • 07:07: industry and then stopped and how these 100 selected so Women with reduced like tables and then imposed average The arithmetic of these women and so called the average a strange woman the average German French Rossiyanka American like this here Therefore, since I I take many years this magazine can
  • 07:37: you briefly describe the what is of himself as called the average German described similar tables If your figure casual happy or unhappy then coincides You can use magazine steel slops and never notice any discrepancies
  • 08:07: you will not encounter problems and patterns you will always approach and so what kind of the average German woman she broad-shouldered her wide waist is not very wide hips underdeveloped breasts a broad back and rather broad chest if your figure is similar to the this
  • 08:38: these patterns you approach is fundamentally even if you have combine neighboring size is not afraid everything will well but if you large breasts tonic Italy Well thin waist so easily adjust you can barely take in darts and all will well but if you big tits big wide and beautiful the feminine hips here already it is necessary if especially with a large
  • 09:08: breast We will have all the same something to do with it you will need to really start explore actually construction or learn at least able to use use ready you other but correct and how it all do you learn part of my thrower of the king design also of my videos stay in my stay channel my subscribers
  • 09:39: site I'll tell you more lots of interested in your Irina a