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Flor tejida a crochet # 3 para tejer tapetes o carpetas con flores  See details »

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  • 00:00: In this video we will learn to knit this cute flower like going to come here start knitting with white and six chains Let's start weaving six chains 123456 chains and will join with a point slid in the first chain then they will put up three chains and
  • 00:31: within this small he shouted let's fill 16 high points counting chains here we have 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 and 16 and high points in this way will
  • 01:23: to fill in the third channel will join with a slip point weave a and cut the thread chain Now let's put the colored rosarito Once you have'm ready what first indicated they will put the Crochet between the high point and chains to start putting color
  • 01:54: Pink tie the pink pull the this thread and what is left over once you go to hiding from here will Weaving seven chains 12 three four five six seven chains They were to weave a midpoint leaving two high points 12 here in this space
  • 02:24: They will weave a midpoint so again this way again 1234567 repeat the seven chains leave two high points at the base and weave a half point and thus style and here they can hide so you do not go to them
  • 02:54: bugging and in this way now and again we repeat seven chains 1234567 They leave two at the base a midpoint So this way they will leave 212 1234567 leaving you a midpoint
  • 03:24: one two three four five six seven leaving a midpoint chains 1234567 again a midpoint 1234567 the last half point and thus they will weave here
  • 03:55: Finally they will have only three chains and to complete all this arc will have a high point in the first chain who had tissue and as you can see is something similar This way they will have 12345678 Arquitos once they complete the pink first round and will continue
  • 04:26: They protect seven chains or van 1234567 weaving the midpoint below each arc we will have the first under these 1234567 chains and chains again a midpoint 1234567 a midpoint so in this way and will again
  • 04:56: Repeat this around all Arquitos to tie here will equal have eight Arquitos once complete the second round of chains weave the eight chains and above this high point will weave a midpoint and thus after this up three chains and let's start fill as it is here in the flower high points
  • 05:28: the first filler is at this high point below it are filled eight points high but as we have woven chains will knitting with only seven counting eight chains would go to knit eight high points we have here two , three four five six seven eight points high
  • 06:04: the second filler will be on this side in these chains that are here to in front of the high points will also fill eight top points Thus rotates put the tissue crochet below these chains raise chains and weave around eight high points 123
  • 06:35: 4 5 6 7 and 8 high points Once you have this and go from face weaving on these chains have tissue here then here now over here in these chains will first knitting high five points 1 2 3 4 High 5 points
  • 07:07: then three chains to a midpoint height fifth highest point and will form this little peck in the same place we will return to fill five top spots one two three four five high points
  • 07:37: and we will return to repeat these points higher than it had first fabric is woven into these chains come here these chains then spins in the tissue and woven into these other chains first put these crochet by and weave under eight top spots
  • 08:08: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 high points as they said turns in the tissue and will now fill these chains under eight 1234 also high points 5 6 7 and 8 and again we will return to
  • 08:48: repeat these five high points piquito now on this side go through over and continue weaving in chains continued going to work 5 February 1st 3 4 5 high points then three chains midpoint
  • 09:21: As you can see we are repeating and point and so in this way they will come back to repeat everything here goes five high points 1 2 3 4 High 5 points after these five high points continued to weave these points are
  • 09:51: here the same thing will repeat again Now these chains eight top spots then spins in the tissue and weave eight other high points in these chains And so it will continue all this back until you complete the flower Here we will weave eight top spots here we have 3 4 5 6 7 8 kieran the woven and woven under these chains 8
  • 10:29: Also 12345678 and pass over these high points and weave 5123 4 and 5 and they will continue all this
  • 10:59: back when all this back end It is what completes the whole flora Once you complete all round the Flower is going to go running like this how they come in a single round weaves all this flower here last will a draw in the third string you see here we started with a point 3 iván slipped weave chains
  • 11:31: engaging from behind as a midpoint and thus leave a string and cut and style mess and hide it from behind as seen already finished flower can running can weave in color you wish to