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  • 00:00: I tell you a Unit as a stick his servants office apartment without spending money almost It needs leveling piece rather than one and well, just about six is this normal fan he stands in cooling system computer or in power supplies computer so office guys assemble see critical in the game them in this week this stuff grip
  • 00:30: as we need Charge mark proteins insulating tape scissors and here are who are already stretching I guess what will be discussed in principle fluff and slightly forward we will check effectiveness of this all things and who is not I know what I'll do refer to the end you will enjoy here These bullets are we collect their battery then pieces of 6 April 6 pieces
  • 01:00: experimental by now I will become experiment 6 then how it all the product looks Here is a wholly Now this design design they together associated with cups of plastic ties penny they cost here they mine here seen should be on ordinary plastic tie's opening easy to assemble called battery no ties of any kind in office there creaks
  • 01:30: office can they can twist wires can be some other days Generally anything watch them click decreased They kept us there me these fans is two It happens and wires a third wire other color yellow or green cut off Red Th us you red to the need red curl Black ink is not We confuse and placing ass all the same all looked at one way in inconsistency can not be in different sides defender we need to blow a stream 1 to prevent air later years now I have collected
  • 02:02: connect it to the case power supply they work in ranging from 5 and 12 V I am now almost 12 volts beech Tanya can save them 5 and even some case It will be even better because less noise if you It features lush they are already under Depreciation and will there clatter all the case will radiator and will be transferred about this as a stand so if the old Try 5 volts I you that I will do 12 because I interesting measure efficiency of all this design here
  • 02:32: battery so they made them very cool sizes wants Have you because under modern and battery do not deliver and virtually seen and does not deteriorate aesthetics here so all this business is generally about This is stated in Internet, I certainly you may have a meet or hour You will look like this All would be good, and so here are just looks and forces make any man even girls
  • 03:02: why until now it do Serena somehow still is not built I originally batteries I do not know, we are now we will check perhaps efficiency a little of that structure that is she unambiguous is that because physics no annul a law energy conservation yes we would like to increase efficiency cooling effectively take away and the battery heat respectively, as it were more light the room the room but somehow not so we use
  • 03:32: Now I sat We check and verify So then I did small circuit who He knows the truth and the fact It matters in general here what it means to scheme here the sensor air temperature indoor skill hours are real-time hours sensor temperature on battery on and at the entrance the output of the two sensors have battery arrives 1 Water temperature goes through the battery is cooled and outlet temperature valis on a little bit and below, respectively water temperature
  • 04:03: Air overboard on a street price tag small raised experiments again yes inlet sensor sensor output tunnel is the the main sensor which will again that is interested in how much battery cool before at long ie cooling in other words, who a motorist system sees each day his car radiator and fan ie fan on when reaching specific temperature engine and authorities that thereby cool dissipates heat on
  • 04:33: the street that's all all simple but check efficiency means And the most interesting that I it's all about the grave a file that is I write these indicators and rented on computer I write a file Here you can watch process have until the humidity on the sensor there stood let it be air temperature room temperature at the entrance to the battery outlet temperature of the output from the battery and the temperature outside
  • 05:03: Now 3 degrees respectively We received 55 475 degrees all 55 qualities of a little metering Isra on May 9 outlet temperature changing the point in time so I understand or cooled or bent night already evening if now but will be added in general, that what change during day temperature changing and the temperature in changing room and outside temperature me for all impact we these secrets snemat per day the average
  • 05:34: I have a day without compulsory hours with cooling and compulsory cooling that is today in 1719 Yes for 17 hours shoot index turned off a fan that is passive mode well as you It is now 12 am I include fans will shoot another day cooling then these data already exported excel and see and
  • 06:04: look to you that and we will We will draw conclusions effectiveness or no if it is effective and the effectiveness of this markedly pancake GREAT WE we are handsome heat the apartment itself acquaintances and office Well, they brazenly heating made at As warmer and at the same time we are not a couple will not last me because it thing I said to climb in the trash has in any way Radio Shack in she sold new It costs about 40 hryvnia which translated into our Currency rate 2 there is a penny 1
  • 06:34: Medora penny to 40 hryvnia for children not from Ukraine say more times 40 divided by Now 15 combo speaking 266 bucks worth such feature is worth it there is a $ 10 October 15 dollars to the account on construction of this and it all monthly will pay a penny because this thing to eat 12 volts at 012 amperes but 014 16 once the window is very
  • 07:05: little let 14 multiplied by 12 and multiply by 6 like our batteries We get 10 watts, 10 watts consumption per hour is nothing 10 watts lightbulb LED rude speaking as if talk about the usual incandescent you so 100-watt light bulb less than . 10 times usually eats critical pancake against half kilowatt per hour from this heater Now this half
  • 07:38: kilowatt we will eat all 10 aquatak Science fantastic let's check I went to connect battery limit hook here connected and so wire supply unit conductive wire went Now the power supply usually this is a I do not know why he did not it is important to all this happiness Here is a hand
  • 08:09: have made and the vidyushka air we blowing translational But from these folders screw not to carry out this part of here the air He climbs to the top it is all the bridges and so I picked it all Now there will be happiness I collected at the bottom Hurry on snot Now such stick
  • 08:40: here it is necessary for the thread Chambers certainly rest from them but I always I will unmount but if that's where if the normal do everything neatly due to there invent fixing there is for what cling to the general and its presence It will not be noticeable but well All albeit switch off all case show all off case because that cleanliness we experiment need hours worked whisper without cooling but
  • 09:10: so well that all this working happiness tarahtit buzzing It fits in the end the first day of our experiment tomorrow that we will already engaged analysis of data now evening to 12 night at will work to feelings and it all off before going to sleep well and tomorrow start battery will appear analyze findings intermediate show I say to such
  • 09:40: left fans hoot hoot at 12 volts at 2 today power supplies so if you fans are the same battered the unplug the charging of mobile phone pyativoltovy there 5 Part V usually on there they will slowly rotate the sound will be less But if we want all the same possible to survive with them and to connect 12 volt power Power Messrs coolers quality should be
  • 10:10: that is better buy new well or maybe you are not worn out and that's Such is the situation in the camera sound is not heard but this tarahtenie it is present for Office is not critical for apartment is unpleasant in the office and so fuss was all day so you normally the sound will not be interfere but the apartment especially in the course night it will all light flashing see the beat send messages to computer and all things write without it
  • 10:46: stop every second, even more frequently such a huge array figures are It is now a buzzword a big data here we have right now, big data this is about to small balcony but a huge map so well, that it was time to analyze data let see what we there happened then huge lot of data
  • 11:17: We measured the number of We made in the first 11 116000 day well, somewhere the same number to another day just a little rose was obviously this once the poubiral left so the clock pattern on a non every second just pack's look at what fluctuation in the street we temperatures much was not your from 4 to less four strong his cold autumn the onset of winter weather that's the battery in
  • 11:48: passive mode passive mode without compulsory cooling who have contrived cool down for five to half 551 degrees to be precise in 2551 well and now the second day when we cooled battery fans and we We see that we the battery to cool down It began at 6 and 44 644 is day minus passive
  • 12:20: Almost 093 degrees battery became effective cool which corresponds to at and here we have before He chipped September 16 interest that is battery became to cool for 16 to 17 roughly speaking percent 17 percent by 17 percent more heat gave us, we took his room that's nice of course
  • 12:50: here here on my schedule care to tell That way you talking nonsense you have the passive cooling at room temperature The connection was twenty-two degrees and with the active cooling 24 that is, you actually achieved results insulation 188 degrees 2 degrees
  • 13:21: much or little you know that's easy an example of air-conditioning cheeks give guys the comment who it matters longer deal air conditioning recommended include let's say 30 g outside by 2-3 degrees then well below 4 below than the temperature here that is, our body very human how fast respond to these here changes and 23 degrees already warmer already super already has a super felt very
  • 13:51: differently second moment that should pay attention to the fact that I ti changed for that Wires on the balcony thermal insulation room it is disgusting rapidly cools So slow so hot here's how you'd third changes thank you 2 x degrees and because the balcony bottom blowing blowing right on top blows from all sides blowing insulation disgusting to this practically no lining see plastic in fact so that there bit code isover all added ie iron touch even
  • 14:22: brick balcony choo That's why so super ie 2 + degrees and applicable Does it cost me over time burned electricity Couple 2 pennies so September 16 percent efficiency this is a great gain index summing the results of these three days of my I wanted to test to a time sounds even when we cool battery we
  • 14:53: even clearly understand that a neighbor will come battery temperature below so constructed thermal network of our that houses one of the one sits and higher those respectively cold battery some houses it built on another but unfortunately in Most is such situation responsible chill battery at a effectively our neighbor receive more than cooled battery
  • 15:23: according to his get an apartment less heat Be aware about what you are doing that is, if you connect to all on all the batteries in the house cooler and accordingly you cool and neighbor his apartment so I said a few degrees it is very much for cally comfort here as well helped super pack