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  • 00:00: Hi everyone , how are you? the young man bring you the tip well cool souvenir for both tea baby how much maternity The coolest part of it is that it has a very cheap cost and is very easy to do anyone can do that these shoes are here I have several here that I did. Seeing they are very cuddly beautiful and beyond all very easy to do the show is very close to you I'll show you
  • 00:33: the step-by-step and necessary material so that's ok, it's okay cuddly I'll show you now step by step the material needed anyone who wants to learn keep watching and come with me, now let's go to the material needed step by step You will need one white tva already cut because I've done others Well needed to send blue We'll need a ruler a pair of scissors.
  • 01:05: a BBQ fait you can use tooth policy and hot glue that the People are going to make us go get it here. see in white Let's mark it 20 cm let's Position ruler here we will score 20 cm which is already marked at his agora we will put of
  • 01:37: four centimeters now let's cut here now, what are we going to do?
  • 02:25: let's use position that we're going to put the rule that we will make goes mark here eight centimeters and twelve centimeters that will happen will stay centered here four centimeters certinho which will make 2 billion that kotz so we'll leave it at the end to approximately 21 centimeters coffin made right
  • 02:57: Now we'll do it and get it here. Let's fold so let's give a packet with hot glue paste right Now let's get the other side together. Here then ajeitadinha it out or Hot glue has a certain that I go take such access arises now that the
  • 03:28: people are going to do He was right, we'll do it. O we here and we will join the two dots with hot glue too I put a lot of cola people will stay the I'm going over here to to be able to do it is done there is only one party stayed like this with this guy here
  • 04:00: Now, what are we going to do? catch the ewe in blue Put it here, let's get the shoe. here o let's get hot glue all over the edge the whole edge of the right shoe In everything I'm going to do I'll hold him. so I'm going to give it a little pressure that leader takes shape and I will put here In mine and see there, I 'm one.
  • 04:33: tidy so that he can have a cool shape is the cute little shoe sure this glue has a little bit of nanny and she gets pulling tasci that I I will do I will cut off the excess and now What am I going to do? I'm going to cut the access here from here and see our little paw so the whole side Guys, this is really cool, why not?
  • 05:06: It will be a very different souvenir and well priced It's the most interesting you talk about. It was me who made me understand, so this is great to see that here we will do it now let's get the event in blue The team left over will cut a strip approximately 20 centimeters I 'll go from here, then I'll go cut one had very thin bye is just for us to do the
  • 05:41: finish on the side of the shoe Okay, now I think we'll do it. is to get here we will take the hot glue no one here in the hot body Let's paste the one I had all over the side for us to do the finishing from our right shoe Look, everybody looks just like they already do.
  • 07:00: in the shoe he looks pretty cute with a very cute face that I go I'm going to pick up here one now. and see not cut here just a little bit you even tell me that You want to cut a little bit of see blue what I 'm going to do I'm going to do one so to put up here
  • 07:32: I do so and so I will cut that excess the next glue ready I created 11 so I could see the right
  • 08:03: now that I'm going to do I'll get the so slightly put a little bit of see here and I'll group it up here in the front my little shoe Look how cute it is, it's beautiful. You can do it and get it like this or that. What you can use can use so the ready buttons will give creativity of each of you can use what you want In this one, I did it just like that the other day. So there are more other options.
  • 08:33: on here good folks with you saw in your end result and stay very little looks pretty good I hope you all have I liked it, please, if you liked it sign up for my channel soon I will have more videos with news to you thanks