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  • 00:00: how to find images on Yandex and correctly download them click write pictures his name pictures that we need Fall and ask conditions we need big picture we click the big We were given size big here the size of this already large pictures us
  • 00:30: Only need a picture in red leaves gluing total gamma I have blushed we We need a picture only in horizontal orientation is now only issue horizontally located image and make it was only Photo not drawing pictures so now only photos Now we
  • 01:00: We can be found here picture for slideshow 16 9 eg go wallpaper and here they are 16 9 and just located on 1920 Best 1080 Well here's an option recommendation under my monitor what fit the picture and general, any possible I choose to watch in 1920 1080 clicked and here you see all
  • 01:32: these pictures just this size if I I take it red I it is able to choose Pictures here beautiful slideshow all different colors all very beautiful Further, we can select images its size that we need to do we click its size and here we introduce such 1024 by 768 find all of them here
  • 02:07: this size or try this well and remove try eg 500 500 I am sure that but it can get have here is 500 500 ie like this it is possible choose the color of the form orientation size further if we want picture without background we
  • 02:38: push and remove png this one's size all these pictures without background look e.g. such sheet Now he just it turned black background it means transparent we can download this image Do not download here we download here here it is, if we I need a picture It is such a big pretty 700 482 of direct button
  • 03:10: we click by clicking on arrow we can select images small razmerchik and see there here is a little leaflet and hence we have is such we download picture also you can choose different sizes more more pictures we if you can find go here on this Go and see what are the deposits
  • 03:42: chic pictures without background flowers leaves everything to beautiful autumn get back if we need to find picture we animated We can simply write here Animation or press here gif, and that is where all gif image format
  • 04:14: Here you see a leaf blinking eyes Likewise, and downloaded in multiple sizes but it has the background here Here in the picture little added thus gloss we are looking for on Yandex pictures to fit your needs