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  • 00:00: today we doing sophisticated 3d we track prepared and prepared maxims ligatures Cold water We begin after I pour a little water parallel and interfere do you need We will be topped up with children principle of older
  • 00:36: I love this process these kids it is small you must do kids here are so scary The colder the water the longer time
  • 01:06: setting material however warm water I use so I I am looking for some love it state that is state is liquid sour cream needed begin to say our compositions
  • 01:36: Let's handle so we We have come up with just such a track it all this thing I immerse the parking path there we loaded hands conceived compositions and more Name stirring until our weight is not thickens Do not move the fingers
  • 02:11: we have nothing will we now it will start to slowly pull our hands to like hands easily they can be trampled lubricate with vaseline the neatly more if you to work with the customer cubes to it not any discomfort delivered in principle, but such light rocking hand motions very easy out
  • 02:41: handle neatly Basically all that is we turned unrecognizable seen you or not, our result work will be visible after we Fill the whole thing gypsum and pull out our 3d sculpture in our Now we form proceed to withdrawal our form and now This just want to say that when use let these
  • 03:11: plastic bottles let us assume 3-liter 5 liters which will be say under the net Water is the case will be easier because it crushed ie from remove her problems form no no as it we have a have enough zhopka it box I use or legs only the uniqueness It should be the length or improvised convenient fast the there is, in principle,
  • 03:41: passes around the perimeter you can use it not charging let the iron like before it and Basically after that it is fairly easy out because you separated wall packaging shades form now proceed in topping up my form for that I use
  • 04:13: absolutely ordinary gypsum plaster and or alabaster to these shop you immediately You may ask enough ice This sturdy plaster because of they strength durable differ fragile peace can use for topping other means well, let's say gypsum same Medici and even if not collars their method but it is necessary to try to test
  • 04:43: like this one option plaster I put available It becomes more economical but such as turned it liquid sour cream batter produce in total
  • 05:14: consistency I will Now I show it must I breed and inspirational Cold water then there again than warmer water so faster setting time plaster so that extend I enjoyed pour water because
  • 05:45: what it does Conversely mind and attacked you as well as such composition constantly inhale it gypsum so have to look In order to avoid lumps now I made here is such a
  • 06:15: enough solution Liquid to do the following I pour it all here neatly on stenochku to guide is not strong I build it somewhere I pour half This case is closed palm and simple to plaster drip solution I
  • 06:45: all we say the folds of our hands our future sculptures do what What you see now pour back I'm still a little plaster here dopletayu already been removed
  • 07:15: shape finally work muddy course Bay is the case but can you look like something that I have turned presence has turned mixture and also stenochku I hammer, I even blabbed to
  • 07:49: mix that's just soul with this fresh that he always a plaster cast solution finally topped up the walls are poured in order to the solution is not just divided because bubbles may spoil our composition is why we like separation our gypsum inside
  • 08:23: tomorrow, that is, I like to check this that way to I do not leave, and I take tools begin gradually it all deal cut here You need to be careful because I'm I do not remember where I with what hand and fingers that they are not cut We act carefully though of course it would be desirable all at once
  • 08:53: break rather neatly It cuts off easily Well, in principle, not to to bore you with this process we are tell you until we
  • 09:24: removed our 3d culture, and that's what We got what there is such here remarkable sculpture is March baby we have removed so a man's on a plate to do here such a composition Now we need to make for all this stand that us for this we will need I need a container seen such plastic Thing and a plate like this
  • 09:55: is how will all the case here then filled with plaster we have the bet It is also the Inca dog all begin here and I He poured so much how much do I need will plaster solution manner I at least Lego blades jar pour water here water from the jar and Now until that I could see
  • 10:25: thickness future Potapov ie that which Arrange me here respectively how much water here My bank I poured poured that's just not back be confused and use plaster solution should remind dough for pancakes consistency produce
  • 10:59: and to stir lumps were not add hitler gang need this gypsum planted too thickly course thickener - just view and pour this solution a
  • 11:53: we like it enough neatly fill 3 so what height your passport is need so well, that is such a
  • 12:41: enough holding sculpture like this is how it all stir to bubbles out you can correct If you have something not satisfied with the position of point all if you all
  • 13:43: suits can The smell week I finally I learned our composition zareklas she is zones are quite easy is what we happened this podstavochku you and can be sanded sandpaper the smallest in Basically there is no here special job to do it was not necessary because that it happened rovnenko below us will need to
  • 14:13: take a brush and cover all our composition primer undercoat can be used that goes on brick to say concrete then I will indicate tame here such prokraska silver use and further will cover all varnish as well as You can take say Spray cans faster and more light use all now I go It is the case sprinkle that I
  • 14:43: I turn to you I'll show you how painted our composition that is and as you said covered with primer give them silver grass on top of another lacquered to we did not paint had because song will not be under glass that is it It will not be protected from us and now need to us to paint spread Now in this way she looks like you You see, I'll show you alien bracelet yet added that there I have been here can decorate
  • 15:14: headed watching can make someone inscription on a monument plus what he contour to something else result put so that we could then remember when moment was your life is such a commemorative composer tool for ready