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  • 00:00: Hi guys, how are you? We are well today. Let's learn this decorated pen. send do not forget if you I liked the music video and I liked it inscribed on the channel who we go there Let's start our work by passing all molds for o and see the hair cutting so let's now support the ball Styrofoam cup
  • 00:33: Let's get the copy of this shape and we will cover the ball holding here a rabbit is and yes it is and take the shape of the ball so let's now take off the excess see here It was so that using the ball line as reference let's split the ball we used in two parts
  • 01:03: so using xi and xii and let's use only part we will appeal will 6 ball with send paste and remove the excess so use in the circumference as reference let's report a circle like that and paste to finish the bottom of our base Let's get the pen to be used. Ok let's cut Look, just think the lid is what
  • 01:33: We're not going to use it and we 're going to help from a pencil we'll stick to our base nor in the center such that taking careful not to pierce the end there in it and we will pass glue to instant this cover and we will fix so our bar an excess what gives on the lid and we we will cover this excess with a rectangle to see which covers the entire come back the lady we are not cut the
  • 02:05: fillet that gives to give all around him it was more or less the e-mail centimeter tall and it's going to stay like this let's cut 8 petals what to go to our base so we are now going to find these petals thus leaving the favored and let's fold so hoping to break into this curved format here do them with all the petals so let's mount
  • 02:35: now from the barrage of our talk pen We 'll stick the petals so look. the first row more or less half centimeter of base so let's paste four petals that way looks between them half centimeter like this now we'll paste the second row This time we're going to use the base. of the planet as a reference and thus
  • 03:09: let's paste and the previous petals so always look there is between the petals to close the flower that will stay like this now we we pass an effective 1cm all the way around the base to finish this basis so now cover the part of the pen using these measures due to ok and Let 's use the pen as a reference.
  • 03:42: leaving the leftovers Let's paste it and see the pen is the which will remove the pen from the base as for better to roll He's going to stay like this, okay? The cool thing is that this pen has a load that can be removed. because when the ink runs out only switching the load to you does not job Let's make the t-shirt the thus cutting off these measures
  • 04:13: let's fold this square in the middle so take a tip a triangle that way it will be like this paste around the pen because this form Let's now prepare to leave her. Let's fold it in the middle after half again let's take a little pout again to stay in the middle Let's do it with the top
  • 04:46: also so ok and let's dress so that it is this but with some resistance to stay round still now we're going to give a little glue just so she does not move in the from above also to stay coladinho and Let's stick the little fairy's arm around this
  • 05:19: Let's paste the mangoes too. of the dress like that To the head of the little fairy I use a coolant cap as a base and I'll do the same procedure I did with the base Okay so hoping to cool off by cutting the over and let's have so look a part for the hair a part of the hair let's stick on the styrofoam ball
  • 05:49: And so let's paste it now. so using the little fairy risk Look at the base , let's stick it and let's go. pass a fillet all over her head to finish and she's going to stay like this Let's now paste the head into the body. Let's now prepare the tail of the hair.
  • 06:19: a rectangle in these measurements, let's cut fillet so you had it all over see you and we'll find it and then we'll go knead to give a hairy look messy and not much retinha It's okay, let's go to the street. Look at the rolls we'll paste at the end and paste on the little fairy's head so let's go do this twice and she'll stay
  • 06:49: with these rabbis Let's do the detail now of the watermill 5 permanent marker paste to details decorations and let's paste on the back of hockey fairy to be the little girls and here I am doing a detail in the exit since I used and I do I have to give a volume at work about 20 had some balls with ink white acrylic but you can use
  • 07:19: I saw stamped I made a few little things here with permanent marker I gave a few with acrylic paint with father's help of barbecue like that by the manguinhos by the hearts of the lock and for a detail and I pasted a little flower so it's ok then it's there people at our pen, she's super cute children love their pens you can do in various
  • 07:51: topics only dress or the little fairy which is up to you I hope you have already enjoyed I'm very happy from this job. You have given me a very good feedback. we are one thousand more enrolled In a little while I'm very happy and that this success continues like to ask for you if you like I liked it, share with friends. with the people closest to you only if you are not enrolled in channel sign up
  • 08:22: if you already signed up very very much thank you for the affection of you so I love you, sweetheart, it's okay a big kiss, good work, stay with God and until the next champions