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Fruit Jelly cake: biscuit and sour cream  See details »

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  • 00:00: hello friends today Saxon we will prepare very beautiful fruit jelly cake mean for this we need a liter 330 cream here gram flour peaches canned It means little sugar 3 eggs three bags gelatin but that we stock take look can be even enough for two dough and baking powder Three orange fruit
  • 00:32: It may be enough about two oranges probably three mandarinchik and the river to begin with that soak gelatine but perhaps a trifle still will not be mound just three and gelatin packs and fill it with one glass of 200 grams cold voditsy remove to the side let them swell until and in the meantime we
  • 01:02: prepare a biscuit in separate bowl break eggs add half a glass Sahara it's all good whisk mixer
  • 01:32: whisk up here such Here splendor somewhere about 3 minutes after add this I add cup flour slightly more than half spoon of baking powder and sift it all again mix well mold release
  • 02:04: vegetable oil turned on the oven 180 degrees form for biscuit can be absolutely any because we biscuit will still cut is not necessary arrive just in time for in certain forms of then pour the whole Biscuit and send in the oven for 25-30 minutes depending on the oven need glances that he not burnt yet baked biscuit
  • 02:34: will clean fruit clean oranges from peel but just not carve oranges cut into circles just chop kiwi will use
  • 03:04: Split form This form us diameter size of 20 26 centimeters spread on the sides oranges the bottom of the spread uzorchik of kiwi oranges add slices of mandarin remove side the remaining fruit
  • 03:35: cut into cubes except for mandarins forget about canned peaches them and chop cubes somewhere will use 4 peach halves of banks the beauty of this cake thing is You can add almost any fruit here can be pineapple pear in Basically even berries all of it depends
  • 04:05: from what you have home and your taste spread in separate bowl now just arrives biscuit carefully biscuit mix we have prepared for 25 minutes then we it must be cool until cake cools We turn sour therefore be laid
  • 04:36: liter of sour cream separate bowl add to it 1 cup granulated sugar all is well stir and leave for a time, albeit sugar dissolves If you wish, add as vanilla sugar postpone side wait until dry biscuit until to be able work with him hand cooled cake
  • 05:11: cut into cubes cube size Well, at least the free centimeter on centimeter if a little more personal terrible gelatin swelled stirring on small fire We bring it to transparency on this we do not needs
  • 05:44: more than three to five minutes as you can see it already starts to become but transparent it must be ensured so that in no case, it does not boil gelatin prepared fully lumps melted Let cool it with any affordable way we it was loaded Now cold water place Smith mixer and gradually we will pour
  • 06:14: cooled but still warm gelatin left to collect all Parts obtained from our delicious juicy fruit means comfort the first place pour very
  • 06:44: thin layer literally sour cream then put biscuit layer evenly but do not distribute whole cake on top of the biscuit advertising half
  • 07:14: fruit mandarinki fill with sour cream remaining Put the biscuit
  • 07:45: top with fruit again tangerines and fill the remaining sour cream ship refrigerator view it three to four hours and five in we have it for the night let's see what we made it so here is the
  • 08:28: krasotischa cook enjoy tea and up new recipes Well, here in this section