Mackerel in marinade very tasty and gentle. Simple recipe of fresh-salted fish.  See details »

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  • 00:00: Hello everyone today I I want to pickle fish Umbria but just say I've never not salted no fish herring no why because that someone I do not try I did not like just at home The ambassador did not know why so well here and itself I never flooded but I want and that's decided try so I will do recipes I found a lot but chose such a I liked the way that start with one and
  • 00:30: there's as go more general recipe 2 seconds, and that's such mackerel bought in-store and and well washed inside, too, all have black film removed clean all of you little It means so first mackerel will marinade do pickle 250 milliliters and take boil the water, and I will say that it is necessary
  • 01:01: then you need to have Spices black black Round pepper peas a pinch of 6 recipe that threatens carnation cloves but somehow it is very spicy, I put to three things if you I do it already your business in the coriander I have young and The recipe is simple grain coriander then allspice ground I was peas I simply like this
  • 01:32: I take a knife and that's how times and grinding again will require at third of a teaspoon schepotochku generally well here are the spices I then onions I take one head This bow is taken over taste then means vegetable oil need apple vinegar, salt and sugar as I then show and
  • 02:02: and then in a recipe I I write that as straight to video water boiled add all the spices add salt and teaspoon sugar half a teaspoon oil 2 tablespoons immediately at the same time he gradus
  • 02:36: two and boil on simmer One minute later turn off add cool and quenched so minute prokipela cautiously adding 2 dining room with a half spoon apple vinegar all all prescription
  • 03:07: turn off and cools until cool until marinade cools I mean fish I cut here on these pieces carefully cut because boredom is very soft a sharp knife then I take a bow, too cut into rings I shall cut semicircles semicircles will to lay the fish in Container with onions gently
  • 03:38: peremeshaem so the marinade me Now I'm cool to impose the container's bottom little meadow distribute straight here and so neatly herring shifting stirred because it is very gentle to meat collapsed soft we need to sprinkle top even here these here add pieces so everything
  • 04:14: is now cold pour marinade over all fish I cover the container cover marinate We leave for a day but periodically well as the be it a bit so that's
  • 04:44: stirring to all it was in this liquid and all through day will try refrigerator, I will not bet will stand on my desk at kitchen all tomorrow Well I have a fish marinated somewhere over half days because I do not in their time and eat and I it then somewhere a few hours He stood on the table at room temperature, but it may optionally be just pick refrigerator and day
  • 05:15: that it marinate this is how it looks and these pieces I did periodically in so Now they stirred the distributed to all the bottom layer is not the same as so here It happened like this it looks in brine'm going I pull out a piece of I had already eaten fish always afraid of how I said at the beginning I tried not like the taste some thought insufficient salting not insufficient salting as here raw fish here and so
  • 05:46: I was afraid of the taste that may well turn but got very tasty morsel eaten pleased me I loved so I will myself to salt and all I lay out the bow and also I tried onions marinated very it can even be tasty eat straight from the top put on pieces I now eat
  • 06:16: I lay out all decked So show I laid the fish on a dish that's how it It looks at all sides to make it it is seen recipe ambassador and me like a fish get soft enough salted and unsalted very it is important for me to bow too full and milked very delicious even if you once it's not here go fish can roam This brine is not immediately
  • 06:46: pour in refrigerator not yet eat like this this recipe fairly simple and delicious just yet yet until we meet again