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  • 00:00: Good day today I will prepare pilaf I will not mention it Uzbek pilaf We of course to Uzbek mastery far and there is no such lamb products there are luxury all we all I looked nowhere the bazaar day fresh meat in communication so what are we going to do of its products but We try to make
  • 00:31: delicious pilaf for cooking pilaf I need sex 250 kilograms of pork grams of onion floor kilograms of carrots half a kilo of rice Now I've got it bunting seasoning for pilaf curry and rice I thoroughly washed in seven water and soaked while we do vegetable Cutter rice will we
  • 01:02: some water will cook Billy sky gusyatnitsy it is the bottom rounded good thick-walled The place seemed suitable prepare vegetables onion cut into quarter rings mean thickness too races on Now cut onions
  • 01:34: big carrot straws rushing okay plates and rezhu even the average Plump salon on horse set baking dish add 125 milliliters vegetable oil Now I have here This merochki 125
  • 02:04: let heats well oil well heated lays fry the meat over high heat stirring until ruddy meat to golden brown light August 10 minutes meat periodically before Magician high heat
  • 02:34: roasted meat 10 minutes golden there lays fry onions to good all golden clear fire Week luxxa good for He then went wrong gives color to our evil onions well clamp I was add
  • 03:05: Now carrots 34 minutes fry until soft carrots station myagenkaya Now add spices who have barberry me you add exactly I met the water
  • 03:36: add hot water adhered buckle only to diminish the fire a little boiling 30 minutes, add salt Yannis argilak also add part quarter teaspoon it gives turmeric
  • 04:06: beautiful color zip sharks and pilaf zirvak already quenched 25 minutes laying garlic for Five minutes before the Bookmark rice from laid I have two garlic small head one big lay this vodka garlic 5 minutes extinguished with servakah take took five minutes removed garlic zirvak tuzhilsya we
  • 04:39: he laid I began and pour hot water water slightly covered persons Now I do
  • 05:21: the most powerful Fire as soon as boils Vodicka will interfere with the 1 boil water hurt I'm in the way a little rice so as not to affect the Moscow 1 to rings water soaked
  • 05:54: We collect rice year vent what evaporated adidas I look at the edges already fat has become clear
  • 06:25: covered with clean towel cover and do possible small fire and 25 minutes carcasses all to evaporate all the liquid has passed 25 minutes examining it
  • 06:56: structure unfold towel tidy towel cover a crumbly rice look crumbly powdery I turn off the ready pilaf
  • 07:26: delicious crumbly and you showed very crumbly smell beautiful but if add barberry more is dat ass Uzbek motives will be generally well visit my channel and cook with me eat with pleasure to new