The machine for cutting of a tape from a plastic bottle  See details »

Video subtitles:
  • 00:00: this video about how manufacture and use desktop machine cutting tape plastic bottles and about how use shrink properties of such a ribbon we have the idea of a design me prompted Locking Thank you, my true design much characterized in ethers My machine allows cut into ribbons of different width that achieved a simple permutation the blades on one or several goals above or below the second I it seems that my Robust and reliable reason for that used
  • 00:30: materials as you can see design unused glue and adhesive tape Scotch purely bolt connection and Unlike the latter is easy than assembly you can soon make to demonstrate shrinkable properties of such tapes assembled structure at based on the tetrahedron as you can see here at I have a close-knit construction is nothing is
  • 01:00: these scrolls poem about a bunch calf it is sufficient such as heated here so that's way honestly grill and she will Shrink at heating the wound
  • 01:34: tape windings uniformly chosen the depth and even pull together related an object all in shrinking tape It becomes thicker and shorter are common the six branches coiled tape and without use glue enter and shame only tape polyethylene terephthalate so called plastic material bottle making Such twigs easily withstand my weight I decided to collect
  • 02:04: garden furniture stool chair-chair about the assembly and take off yet one video so we need a piece of material laminate matter a large washer two small two washers nuts two bolts chip stationery knife from two tools drill respectively screwdriver for marking pencil and Wrench Well
  • 02:37: get to work marking a ruble simply connect george in one place and mark up the hole not until the end of the drill
  • 03:09: Now all holes We take a change drill drill holes received two
  • 03:43: insert holes bolt holes as the You see the bolt drowned He drowned himself screw
  • 04:26: I have done with a second in order to cut tape width and thickness 2 washers should be respectively settles on every point suspended then one of bolts put on the blade stationery knife good size hole allows lay at least another one washer thirst bomb
  • 04:56: orientate blade so that you the visible part of the cutting the blade edge It was located in the zone formed shortest distance from the washer dasa it expressed no washers and tighten nuts machine ready his
  • 05:32: can be reliably to fix on softwood table or clamp polyethylene terephthalate colorless and can be transparent or painted in any color white black blue red but the most is a popular green brown I am now in the frame I cut too thin childhood dark width in half I'm doing a millimeter only to show that such a fine Tape is also easy
  • 06:02: It cuts like broad a tape two-liter bottles more than 35 meters and 5 February liter bottles enough to tie the fruit Several years ago I linked from this tape fruit and was shocked density and strength connection after shrinking using tape coals of fire Stalin nodes detachable a sample of I rallied so and more willing to impossible connection It got stronger and
  • 06:32: thicker than twisting wire in This year I even knitted fitting a ribbon and I was satisfied I note that on the bank I I not used this grinding machine whereas for such design I did not know and his camp stationary version and knife and zherdiny hacksaw nothing it is not necessary at necessary, do without bait camp Machine made even faster and easier one the lack of it does not handheld will warmly and take off
  • 07:02: video about it manufacturing use at the same time He boasted of his board design videos on this the machine can be cut and polyethylene such as bottles we fly to fragile and it is necessary to pull the tape careful addition this tape does not It does have 3 units more Japanese Alenka by pulling just check polyethylene tape
  • 07:45: can be used for the manufacture of Stick tool by winding and melting other ways to my application unknown but the tape of polyethylene terephthalate can be used as the rope as a nod for winter fishing rods even as the fishing line on the donk checked It works as a reinforcement like spring filler and more lots of you You can see that left my hand
  • 08:15: white tape polyethylene terephthalate and right and tape polyethylene next video I I tell you how to make a timber chair hammock all that is necessary is a piece burlap and twine several zardinov