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Good advice from the auto electrician about a GRM belt

Good advice from the auto electrician about a GRM belt  See details »

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  • 00:00: Hello everyone who watching this video hello my dear subscribers channel whether three HIV and if you Vodicka well seemingly what connection between up to auto electrician electrical and timing belts like timing belt are a mechanical part engine and one respect somehow electrician has not yet
  • 00:31: somewhere 25 years ago, I also I thought so too but now I have experience in This fact as well as the experience said our unforgettable resolved Sergeyevich Pushkin experience of the son of errors difficult and genius paradoxes friend And so at that time I and I got this one an experience because of the error
  • 01:01: Well there we drove to pal garage I drowned out and it was Eight I drowned engine went from chickens opened the gate sat All engines are not Starts scroll all as everything is fine but will not start but we We put on the night there It will already be dark by Steel morning, I came understand buddy Together we work We traveled together on this but the machine quickly Now we will find homes
  • 01:32: I look no spark Well and I began survey give someone a coil sensor switch Hall all the wires well, all before but rios Generally it has all gone to work, we do not gone but told that so and so can not get but I did not go to the same time for the afternoon and I last checked now as it says in complete stupor nothing I do not understand, and now here accident friend
  • 02:05: Elon the ball was not then start button there Here it I all these to him it's about the team handle engine and then he without chutochek team well and cover with a Share close not I had to get attention virtually no Come check pike-perch in place all the wires somehow I not looked even there but the habit preserved from here these classic systems are all there look and then he cool how to say
  • 02:36: without a team, and then I I like boiling water I look scalded slider to stand on a place I will not Krut He also once again spun Runner on the site and all I've got just the mother so bath cam and the belt well and all I just a finger click this cover on it not so here and wring belt belt there but hang rr finger and tried it hangs in general but broke the strap He broke so
  • 03:07: interesting moment when he drowned the car is in this time he apparently broke on Now this last stop and broke All's well, all I did it know Now since Only I encounter I draw from the lack of spark here on these here first cars My movement is inspection here and if I had someone of my regular customer call
  • 03:38: somewhere off the track so and so I went here or is released to start I can not no spark We look to the guys I then circling them always I say the first Look at Gray sometimes getting in point they give belt is not well here and you How do you know shit so here I know was cause that's why always one movement this is the first check if there is normal Here you are also case some here soon
  • 04:09: neponyatok stop and suddenly there is something even in the first case I advise to check belt and give even It extends to Injection although there spark and work Nozzle a different principle it specifies the drive and position sensor number of shaft this process involved but still look even here diagnostics no errors 10 will not be run
  • 04:40: would the fact Baron is the time It is the first if there opportunity check if there is any it condition and you second error from her experience in the means I had a little later in the case but no later there Orte Year 2 and 3 is not exactly I remember I went to already beginning work professionally here electrician in this
  • 05:10: the field activities and stones with longing 15 my model appeared 15 and there is the same picture sparks no well I have armed I experience the first things I go up again ago Try on the spot checked so that I hold a second screwdriver poked him I checked it sits in the role of the cat in all but questions asked and throw I start watching Switch back to
  • 05:40: this but understand this back muscles to work but then learned the slider it will look rotate the belt on place and it is already on how It is soft but the uterus smoke from throw coil switch hall sensor all-all but there were I have a tool everything went quickly again I do not understand what the case is properly sincerely Then again, well, well Okay well, look slider there that remove the cover and I say again to scroll
  • 06:10: and slider in place stand as to the the situation here again, imagine such a state not mine, and I therefore your condition so easy understand because he felt the his time here such Well that's because it is so flint and well, that the shaft so busted there in half distribute this obsessed key there on but torn sprocket Let's talk in let himself wring
  • 06:42: I look at the belt he turns the engine should apply here so then all Case I rented, and I find there Here is such a thing which now I'll show here that again came to me but just one week just like that time has been removed and now there's an early morning peace and quiet here I am decided this is now
  • 07:13: He caught the eye of I decided to take time and here's a look the same was the picture I looked dragged but now the rock and scroll Scroll should I rented case and look where you can then I posted this once He said what was wrong game Ride to change the belt timing and called address where to go I have there we have long been familiar in contact mechanic a mother
  • 07:43: competent only to I send more his town anywhere nobody wrote only to him play, they me that I have them I tell you, do not Now lead belt back because then to reflect on show people what stuff happens and now Anime him and brought ago and now I have show here see what happens the interesting thing here no absolutely no smooth single
  • 08:13: cloves and then everything is fine he did not even poedenny the film does not even mat all perfectly is usually not oil, there is something all We have traveled here on Schork over from the roller roll forward to here clean here even Now I see but I seen of course cameras here is it then sorts name foreign words here and he was so-so here it is gear he stretched
  • 08:43: all is well and gears here in this place so here alone spinning crankshaft and Rome itself is worth but you understand others and all spanned all strained get tested on the spot he so tough He sits on the fact twist will not be here and of the whole issue so I end and I repeat to you on February 2 such Now capital truth it means
  • 09:13: If something is unclear or not in the first all in such unexpected stop suddenly you can run but nothing of the sort going gone a spark if it is ignition with ordinary car or any errors in this personal service can not determine but then themselves and first look place if there might look Is the belt in place but
  • 09:43: you see that here on This example and this little else is necessary sure that he rotates state children mechanism that is, so this camshafts that's all I wanted you say and what draw your attention it was Valery Chkalov on channel Auto electrics h you subscribe put on my channel huskies if liked videos and all good health