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5 exercises of Paul Bragg from back pains  See details »

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  • 00:00: the first exercise complex body based on direct arms and legs and pelvis located above head and with an inhalation omit the pelvis to the bottom body deflections and the head is thrown back back with an exhalation back to starting position to I start doing these exercise slowly because your spine ossified him We need time to come to his
  • 00:30: normal condition following exercise initial position just as in the first Here we need a basin lowered as much as possible lower right then left a great Exercise, even as the in addition to twisting stimulation
  • 01:02: this spine exercise is good It stimulates the liver and kidneys That is additional bonus for our the body we quickly get rid of toxins following exercise sitting on the floor
  • 01:33: many slightly bent knees hands brushed back ago with an inhalation lift up pigs and judging pelvis for we come in starting position in this exercise is all stimulation spine strengthen muscles which surrounds spine and well promoted TASS following I have to exercise floors need to knees pull up closer to the chest go around with their hands
  • 02:04: then repel knees in himself and try the chin to get to his knees so Do several times if not sooner engaged exercises on top do 5 exercises each exercise 5 times each exercise and gradually increase the main gradually needed boost after that exercise such shallows very helpful about it and rolls back and forth
  • 02:34: two minutes, and then Feel like your spine breathing but their life then will rapids in addition to the right-left loin stimulation she is also stimulates the our kidneys are work more effectively following exercise
  • 03:08: even simple initial position as in the first the exercise of such position to pass all room start his journey with kitchen and finish him in the farthest the end of the room there I need these forward here all passed a little back to more sell it exercise but such complex friends wish you health before meeting following video