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\"P.L.O.V. — the secret code of Tamerlan\". Part 1\/4.  See details »

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  • 00:00: according to legend the word pilau is not just dishes a encrypted formula for success which he coined great emir and the conqueror of Asia he instructed the Tamerlane his advisor develop an option food for warriors such food that would be calorie could keep water in body during desert transition would quickly be prepared
  • 00:30: from well- kept products little space in hike such product is the basis of pilaf rice the and xl
  • 01:11: we know what that we all these
  • 01:43: we are engaged for us you will need the most hit You can also see but where exactly is the place I can not specify I can show could render and Show on the map eggs arrived for a month
  • 02:32: audibly To you it is given terribly so then
  • 03:02: he has a shish kebab secular give above all joe cane demand and feet small by 8 I'm big this meat lamb first dividing
  • 03:32: professional guide pascal mud brought us to and a tourist place is pretty sad and cafe with tasteless fatty food calculated for one-time visit is not knowing taste real pilaf alien advice tourist route exhausted seemed we will never find on the cliffs on clothes
  • 04:03: not left on satisfied quality of food on and doomedly continues usually tourist portal a
  • 05:13: oriental bazaars
  • 06:18: mausoleum souvenir benches but still God did not leave us turnover of the tomb tamerlana us the old man met real hodge who pointed out to us the true path to single place where they remember the secret the present path way boukhara in such agamic fruit the world is ruled by 3 verse 3 force
  • 06:48: fire water is the earth who owns them that reigns world teacher Tamerlane left-handed persimmon father of Tamerlane expensive angle run and developed the recipe for this miracle dishes sevda run the area with us
  • 07:46: I'll notice again
  • 08:35: of course sorry hello audi tt before with beks to text only
  • 09:55: Here are some of these you need it Polish in the ancients for rust risks
  • 11:01: exercises unquestionably strong Influence at world outlook Tamerlan symbols fire water and land had very important they were worshiped by the sky divine fire water life blood symbol of all living things earth-mother plants everything came out of the earth the earth will all go away set
  • 13:57: goat saske