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  • 00:00: grow strawberries at his dacha I started the site fifteen years ago and I believe that for our rather severe Siberian conditions, this culture a plot suits me I have a south of Siberia is Altai barnaul but we have to Unfortunately with the weather it does not always happen smoothly then in winter very much often are frosts under minus 50 and there are snow not much spring frosts
  • 00:30: somewhere before June 15 it happens that last and then begin freezing somewhere already at the end of August therefore it is necessary to this adapt it not everywhere in our terrain such well, just for the weather irony of my destiny the plot is located in the lowland and we always have colder and always the longer they come off and 1 the first freezing Well, well, that's nothing you can scary grow strawberries and in our locality
  • 01:00: what rules do I have for this try observe for it time has accumulated certain experiences and that's what I'm trying to do do to get normal we are more or less certainly for our areas not record for me normal crop firstly follows choose the right one varieties of strawberry variety should maximize fit climate specific your area, he should also be sufficiently yielding hardy and give delicious berries is not
  • 01:30: the last thing strawberries should be tasty not sour good taste for myself now time I apply two main grade lord sort of July well, about them I I will tell later separately a lot of good varieties and each in his own way good in the second at least in our locality you definitely need take care of of strawberries from severe frosts strong autumn frosts at
  • 02:00: absence of snow cover damage rudiments of floral kidneys and as a result next year there are many ugly and small berries and winter frosts in a couple well, where then in the middle of winter they can destroy the jackpot bushes of strawberry even completely that is and the strawberry is simple dies and in spring already does not come to life and spring frost damage flowers and buds and themes the same can reduce very easy future harvest to zero therefore how I try
  • 02:30: protect their strawberries from these frost for autumn and winter frosts I use mulch and pine needles then layer from it in 10 centimeters perfectly protect strawberries in this period and in spring in the event of a threat I freeze us our covered
  • 03:00: miku stripes secluded nonwoven canvases that is, simply on I arrange these beds bands especially this important when strawberries already begins in the spring blossom and these are generally not very complex measures that is autumn needles and in winter it very well protects at his father's mask no cameras in ukraine concealed and it's not bad helps strawberries survive these trouble associated with frosts in the third important is necessary
  • 03:30: provide strawberries regular and abundant fields Strawberry here on the basis of from my experience in anyway in our areas for our she loves the soil very much watering that is watering I I do one twice in week and all season that is strawberry water loves very much help to obtain good harvest and fertilizing and strawberries nutritious substances I apply for this fresh chicken manure for season I do two
  • 04:01: liquid top dressing before flowering and after harvest solution hero of calculating 1 to 15 20 that is, one bucket costs in solution and already eight to ten bushes all season constantly appearing are not needed mustache and old dying patients leaves remove all it heals plot I helped some grow well in the fourth is important old beds strawberries must be on time replace with new ones and that's sort of Julia, I change through
  • 04:31: two or three years about grade lord in 3-4 years and choosing a place for new beds should be observe the right crop rotation that is, return the strawberries to their former place not earlier than in 3-4 years, taking into account good predecessors here why so quickly and changing old plantations for a new the fact is that I have to unfortunately the whole strawberry for wife mites is the main my misfortune and this is it such a method more often
  • 05:01: change the strawberry then there is a carry on a new location allows fight with it malignant very pest and not give him active multiply he is, but at least he not so much as there are sometimes destroying even the whole harvest but the best predecessors for turnstile when I choose a place about strawberries it is radish radish carrots onion garlic peas beans dill poorly suited
  • 05:31: under the planting of strawberries and even dangerous it potato tomatoes and cucumbers after these crops and plant strawberries can only be in 3-4 years I for example, here I am so conveniently just always lay new strawberries on vacant seats after harvesting garlic and onion burrs strawberries and on these places grows well and the disease is more or less is not very much more that is important in fifth is to select
  • 06:03: the reproductive paradigm well, they are called oral speech and only with annual strawberries and only healthy harvest bushes that I always do to upset the mustache permanent place It is necessary to strive as it is possible earlier and this do in July young strawberries to the very autumn regularly watered and twice in two weeks are fed also chicken droppings in solution at such a care young strawberries not only good
  • 06:33: endures the winter on next year already gives a good harvest the largest strawberries get tied up on summer bushes that is, on those bushes which passed a year were reflected in place already grown here perhaps and all those uncomplicated rules for care of strawberries observance of which will allow rejoice at stable good beautiful delicious berries well this year with my
  • 07:05: small fees plantations of 300 bush was collected about 300 liters more or less than normal berries berry me net due to that the needles protects her from dirt well given our Siberian climate for me at measure this result perfectly acceptable although such a crop of course not record people collect and c2 and some even in 3 times more that is me somewhere around liter after cable collect and two
  • 07:36: liter, even three liter, but nevertheless for me it is quite especially strawberry me pleased after a severe winter Here was a minus 50 and all apple-trees were frozen under the root of nothing they could not do there was little snow and apple-trees for almost all died under root and stayed one only magazine then here is the strawberry game almost the whole remained her whole magnificent aromatic berries came very handy such simple
  • 08:09: rules that I I try to observe when growing strawberries