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Fruit "Тропиканка" Cake; House Recipe (Fruit Cake Recipe)  See details »

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  • 00:00: Hello this channel ready to forgive today will cook very delicious fruit cake called casserole This delicious choux light cream and pastry fruit need saucepan with a tight thick bottom but be sure to It was not fine here pour a glass of water and
  • 00:32: includes mandatory vodichku need a little salt the and so that's a little bit podsolit including I will make it warmed water begins to boil here we send a piece of butter Basically you oil you can use Mandarin but margarine it harmful and much tastier at butter all while stirring the oil should Melt when oil Melt do very small fire
  • 01:02: and pour the flour here parts and start brew dough look like this Now stir very quickly interfere main over low heat for not should be removed until saucepan from the heat but so the brewing how would sealed in boiling water look like that now! pieces of flour go You can now see off and removed from the fire past them one by one egg flour in the dough here and mix and
  • 01:33: look like this completely to the egg intervened in our dough and could not be seen residues eggs until dough hot like that Now all is well Now mix following egg the main one egg driver and very quickly like this Now mix all so that the protein is not fell so here's the main thing quickly
  • 02:03: quickly enter eggs one at a time we introduced 6 egg look here so here it see so cream More similar to the cream if you have such large mixer high-shaped at r Santa is very convenient do it in a mixer not your hands I have it No, I think that not all have so how This time it may make false you will bake shortcakes as
  • 02:33: done we need Parchment means that You need to do in pencil on draw a line which we will spread the dough and bake means and Basically, I do not think necessarily make right here such here slanting rectangles squares you principle can applied as a dough just like you I initially when I found this recipe it was here such version of the application baby so I
  • 03:03: did exactly It means squares in I have here three by three 27 centimeters here and here 3027 30 I I felt the need about February 2 square sheet and the two place on a simple life and a box While the essence means that we will do our need any cooking bag package I take normal package here we ship our dough that have
  • 03:33: we got it still warm We send over here just where you draw a simple in pencil we shift down Basically everything is visible ours are inscribed Only you Pechenin where the output drew to it it was clean well we shift not elect bag go to that shifted dough all the dough you need drop down and move it any one edge
  • 04:03: look like this to release all the air maximally wrapped like a normal cooking bag now you need to cut edge means the edge try to trim better to cut less then more because much big thick edge not necessary mean see we put along the lines of that's the way such stripes I repeat you
  • 04:33: You can not apply sure that's how I such squares as you like as you like it will distribute sure it will so swell Keep this in mind I first draw here a large square and then do midway like this it is very beautiful cake between way very I used it for the first time I tried really, really, he did not like so necessarily make This recipe does not know who invented it, I I found this recipe on
  • 05:03: Internet open spaces once it was very very happy I would now like to share with you and this side of the look like this Now I put it already ACS second core 2 a Now this means diamond turned and Here is such an option turned square Now preheat the oven to
  • 05:33: 190 degrees and 180 190 Ship in the hot our oven cakes they baked fast enough about somewhere Well, up to 15 minutes even It may be faster it all depends on thickness of applied Well dough how close you on the wall in how thick so one hand they should fry if you oven in principle new and then baked on differently so have
  • 06:03: because of that you do not We slept on the cares quickly things are now We will prepare cream here in a bowl break 3 eggs eggs we send vanilla sugar can be just vanilla and plain sugar whole thing stirring that's eggs a little stir sugar is not be sure to uniformity simply stir include Fire put average the temperature is not very
  • 06:33: high fire rate here we send here flour stirred then the fire must be small even better than average less than the average depart from cream can not always it will stir stir and here send starch also mix remove spatula us It needs a whisk Now take milk
  • 07:04: pouring milk parts and mix up uniform and the last state milk pour it all mix up one state to uniformity and medium heat all stir time then look Vinci in principle, we will not We may need to take stick or wooden spoon and you need to cook it up thickening means see our Cream
  • 07:35: thickens if someone came I think here lumps that they all there is nothing terrible try to break them we are still We will still beating with this cream butter so all lumps disperse keep because of all the time We need to stir can not depart jam on a very a small fire to at the bottom of the cream I burnt it very important principle to one as if it to ensure that he just is not burnt you can do it on water bath put the pot with water on it this
  • 08:06: cream and put cook but I do it That's how the glass I never a gift main small fire and not to deviate all time interfere Now you need cream set aside leave to cool basically I of I cool it in the sink with water so he quickly when cool cream podostyla little to bowl the most hot was not keep this in mind in I went somewhere 10-12 minutes omit this All the enemy and the wine which I I get some water a little hinder
  • 08:36: another 5 minutes 8 left owl some water to The cream is quickly cooled because if he It will be a long time to cool down itself and the mind cool twice longer and sink with water it will cool down much soon will connecting oil cool cream there is still small lumps but it's not scary pack butter and and to whip well to homogeneity than longer you whipping cream the oil and luxuriant
  • 09:06: Gently cream whipped butter remove corolla Now here we send some spoonfuls of cream means combine cream pour in Maslyanino breeds namely cream light oil into heavy means a few spoonfuls of th as I have so far gender It means to whip to fully oil united with the cream and so often and combine cream and all the oil well mixed
  • 09:38: look It was such a homogeneous mass Now here at Optionally add or brandy concentrate or I have cognac somewhere about dining room and a spoon mix well can be beat with a mixer Cream cakes are ready, we they should be ready cool, in principle, they instantly cool after we have Oven got 4 cakes whichever thickness apply a look what that is thicker what that is thinner and Now prepare points means fruit
  • 10:09: can be quite any and that fits well It is not only fresh fruit but You can peremeshku make canned here I have bet Canned excess I did I have stayed I merged my juice Have you left a cherry I will use Smolin she too fresh frozen I Harvested and currently in the winter there is such here It has a large I'm fine, fine I put the middle large upstairs necessarily bananas must be very tasty texture + banana cream is very tasty basis
  • 10:40: necessarily banana Kiwi and I today have a ball but you can use Any citrus or peaches in principle here you can add apples and pears and plums and all that you have in your Housing fine now is all you need start with the cut bananas bananas need cut into slices about here such thickness is not much shallower Kiwi cut into slices but it is so I'm cutting exactly the same
  • 11:11: thickness as bananas all cut approximately one thickness and these circles then cut and more just in half here way shape or Sharon chop here such football is also not Only in thickness banana collect all the then see what we baked squares and here such here triangles why because When the cream is enter our cakes if there are some squares or some
  • 11:41: triangles cream is not can keep the cake Why cream is leak clearly the square down understand and have cream It is actually well the bottom is going on he will be run down and when through the skin you put square and then put then the triangles cream delayed between layers so I when it the first time it's been so clever and I think there not only like such as squares squares the whole movie stok down so Keep this in mind if the recipe for something then it is written
  • 12:11: It is therefore important means on the first layer Here we put our cream so here is smeared to each square law of mass cream means look completely we missed the cake here in such a way that is cake itself must ventilated and cream It should be here on the all money is now send here I mean bananas I laid out somewhere about here
  • 12:42: this distance because we will between bananas Still others put fruits Now spread in intervals kiwi Now Malinka means very well when there is a contrast of fruit that the fruit completely different third here thus claw look almost always gets each
  • 13:13: fruit and spread even in some Sharon or places persimmons and citrus that you have at home hand very well that all sorts variety of different Fruits like this way is now on top send the following cake like this and precisely You can also
  • 13:44: a little pin that it is the equation coat with cream means cream it is desirable that he I did not go beyond the edge of the eat better to edge if not a little bit Well bring it to it does not flow down here Cream should not be flow down it should be more in the middle we put last cake means look at the last we are not a cream cake blanketed all here this cream and norms and completely missing because if you really much cream the cakes we see those little white so there will be one cream and we have all the same
  • 14:14: fruit cake so everything should be a balance and a cream and cakes and fruit is now we need 3 egg protein cold mouse, beat first a protein long before a stable foam foam does not look Bills must be Here you can see in this so that's peaks Now on one protein we need three dessert spoons then enter the sugar 1 as the spoon 100 3 protein means 9 dessert spoons
  • 14:44: one spoonful and whisk whipped cream open pastry bag from I, as always normal package here send cream see here it is a thick send it send a packet all here and so releasing air down All that's one some chunk here so twisted and that's the edge you need to
  • 15:16: cut means much many not cut the first preferably less then better dorezat Now basically substitute our cake spread cream as you can like you can here so it is possible here because I want to see I will want to apply stripes that Now I have there
  • 15:46: light and here is the latest Now polosochka decorate it is true that we I could not see it was It means the edge, too principle can be decorate for your on any your taste as you want here so that's stripes look so now here laid with fruits look like this So, too, is decoration
  • 16:16: each has as someone like so, and then decorates the main that the fruit was many were variety look like here and there a cherry and where the marina if you cook in the summer and you Strawberries have the all beautifully because that the strawberry is well all beautifully on background white cream here a cake with us Get the Look I you'll even show here
  • 16:47: so that's the side look very very very beautiful Basically you decorate can at any your taste and as you wish like the case taste and the fruit can be use totally different that you have at home it is very gentle a delicious cake creams mix bananas, and here these here custard cakes simply incredible tasty leave the three hours or four times a cold cut and see how I get in here this current is obtained
  • 17:18: cutaway view it is very very tasty thank you today was with me thank you subscribe to my channel all the best till