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  • 00:00: a a a 25 kurbashi childhood click on master class today I want to show you how can i do something Christmas tree game do I will be the first times so I can not tell you exactly
  • 00:32: how much it will take in the beginning video is me already it will be handle I shall necessarily specify because I will already be know the number petals that we need this Gstu we need Today, the cone of cardboard can be here such a michelle can be paste here based on how convenient for me so far again you can not visit milan so
  • 01:02: well who is worth what I think that twist cone from sheet a4 cardboard does not will be labor and these poems clink its usual that for glue on but a lot a lot of green ribbon I I will take two colors and I want to alternate them look what get a Christmas tree some I take a ton tape width 5 centimeters cut into squares and here is a
  • 01:33: leaf, too dark gray glass seasons also 5 centimeters width scissors pincetik here I do not know yet I will be more beautiful with bows Christmas tree but sorry case cooked I want this tape thin ones centimeter here such a ribbon organize think about the way cargo you this is also a picture wish decoration you
  • 02:03: can absolutely any use i I'll see what there will suit better caviar his gun answered the most basic tools which we have today need neither client you are not yet sliced ​​please cut it into size 5 by 5 centimeters tape cut well more than 100 squares this is exactly the first thing We need do it yourself it is necessary to make petals
  • 02:33: make new petals sharp usual sharp petals add the square triangle then again triangle and connect the edges triangle thus not know the tip grab with tweezers I'm not jigging
  • 03:03: lower part collect pouch is no match in this way the petal is obtained
  • 03:37: do the same with scroll green petal turn it down first a saint then one more time lover again triangle cut the edges grabbing pincer haircut cut down because now
  • 04:17: so in this topic we will then when fir-tree alternate everything I do not I will hold in when i where we are all the petals I think you understood how if incomprehensibly return first video look again and I continue after that as did everything all here and sands and ships torrent is so friends all the petals I
  • 04:49: made 1 and 2 colors now I have one hundred sixty pieces I hope we have enough if they have a patent on doing so let us proceed that we first of all do first of all we take Our cone is me decided to alternate petals like I did before you will say stick here like this way to the lower part of nothing series
  • 05:20: sands should be warmed up by you we lubricate the bottom part and quickly apply to it petal like this should be I take a different color so as well as if you one color and continue to glue in this way
  • 06:11: here I am so his ranks then I will show that not take time from you I think that here it's understandable is the inscription I below me it turned out 33 petal and so pasted continue stand next row the same knocking quantum cute between should be the same
  • 06:59: manner in the subsequent year on the second layer me took away 30 petals at 1 33 for this 30 we continue further the third layer the third row will not be so you lose out with me pasted happened in the third row of 25 petals means the bottom row 33 more 3025
  • 07:30: and glue the fourth row the fourth row we have it turned out twenty two petals it remains absolutely we continue slightly further Tatyana we have as in the fifth floor confused itself it turned out 20 petals continue the sixth row we have
  • 08:03: it turned out 18 petals went to seventh row of 15 petals 8 mind 12 petals and now we will do I set here with us stayed q so friends I doplela all stages yes all types the fir-tree I have turned out to be the last ninth row of 10 petals now we let's do this here
  • 08:35: bow for an hour herringbone I want to decorate it here above is like this that's cute so it turns out bandicam dear as a thug such a thing means cut the tape length 13 centimeters organza vaio tape 1 centimeter 13 centimeters wide long and how add van dick in this way look so then
  • 09:06: here such a point is formed about how he though will not see and behold here it is here expand threads simply stitching here up to the top and upstairs this thread
  • 09:37: just pull together like this here it is possible so to live was frightened still so do thread a thread such a bow it turned out here we just tie it up a nodule so that we bow did not meet and cut the thread that the boy
  • 10:07: shock is such a bow with us we obtain 0 I'm alive to our bow is ready grease it hot Adhesive and glue in our Christmas tree thus we look some kind of what else on the wall
  • 10:38: I take these here 2 beads are red and will be on herringbone and stick in different consistency you can make a drawing that's how I want the spread do it too lubricate with liquid glue and paste them on You can take a Christmas tree
  • 11:11: multicolored identity as you will want so much dear friends herringbone completely us decorated with daunting I like Christmas trees minimalism therefore I did not become tinsel here hang it all that well just give a wedge bow and business only one view Christmas balls when is sex
  • 11:41: beads are red and pasted them without of every order Now it seemed to me will be good this we have a small herringbone and ashes I I hope you had it all. understand my master class and you will be able to make a herringbone may be even better it will be generally I'm great at this herringbone to somebody are served for the new year I hope the donee will be satisfied here is a gift to him
  • 12:12: I will like it I congratulate you on upcoming new the year give to relatives and close gifts please also care and attention you were Elena kurbatova to new meetings , while on subscribe to my channel