Marinated tomatoes with apples. Without vinegar and lemon acid.  See details »

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  • 00:00: Hello dear Friends and satisfied and gardeners again I met you Julia change on to its channel dissolved in garden vegetable garden and as always we We continue with you conservation theme because we now have with you keep up with a lot of tomatoes it outdoors in someone in the greenhouse and we certainly want always prepared something good to eat, and I'll today I want to offer one very very harmless way of canning tomatoes thing is that very much like
  • 00:30: It referred to subscribers me straight thank you too write recipes and how to share their recipes but never could I once you exactly show this recipe but without trying to the most and that's just still tomato recipe otherwise than by vinegar or without citric acid I want you now offer hazelnuts out very delicious, and you can even eat kiddies remove of the recipes I
  • 01:01: offered subscribers but now I'll share with you this recipe so we We need to start Wash tomatoes tomatoes must be clean Tamara should be small not desirable overripe us It needs you salt and salt certainly not 1 bathroom diabetes sand and substitute acid us with you need apples Now we will be with you recipe I let 3 liter cans
  • 01:31: so I think to smaller size cans you You do yourself allocations will do in this bank preserves in some you are comfortable Well let us first with you pay attention as it is implemented bank because again arrives a lot of questions if small banks, I sterilize microwave large three-liter I liter cans gas to sterilize if you look at the plate Now that's quite
  • 02:01: simple to devices easier This does not happen usually in I'm here so that's liter mug but not very well stand bank and himself vodichku if you look back I put inside Cover the lid that is I boil banks I sterilized always sterilize many cans then they I put on a clean polotenechko and Catching preserving jar about our she was sterilized net ready
  • 02:32: conservation cover the same thing we clean sterilized banks sterilize microwave just who may be in my Video missed this the time I was there presented three minutes but the main condition it is impossible that the banks We are standing close to each a friend put me on the floor full power grab two or three minutes but literally It covers all course still have sterilize the water but it is here and so small small Now retreat We turn our
  • 03:03: Tabata my our bank has forgiven face on it neat everything is now what we should do no spices we This preservation is not they put here absolutely we do not need we use here apples but that's apples cut herring must be necessarily acidic varieties even now can let take apples from we have not matured yet to rich antonovka
  • 03:33: but we are shock moment with you we do cut like that on slices on the bottom of our one is here now this average small apple here we need to be sure Acid with you and we will Now our tomatoes We do like this We cut our Christmas tree this way to the bottom Now we add here there is no more again I repeat spices
  • 04:04: we are here will not add they do not need any garlic no pepper nothing but one tomatoes and apples here on to shake our tomatoes filled well as a jar if someone say not like that's possible here cut base where it grows and grows in tomato leaves you
  • 04:34: I have just an expression ass I think so laid out on so our you this but try them is not very ram not so rammed strong and it's a look I carefully beat the bank did not put here so why in the Level because we are on top should you still add one apple
  • 05:04: apple bottom of the well, an Apple the top like so We add our apple salt and sugar until we do not put there as a always remain with me and you You know that we do next so We put our apple That's how it all here ie down apple Apple is now up we are taking and
  • 05:34: fill in our bank boiling water is cool cool boiling water as usual do not forget to just in case of a jar put here so legs pour cool boiling water bank bathed in cool boiling water we go cover with a lid and leaving somewhere about 10 minutes that our tomatoes well-warmed and so our tomato but you warmed
  • 06:05: Bank still we do not give cool completely as the she would rather but this round It can be like this and folk to touch her like without Towelie we now you need to merge water in a saucepan Drain the water we add one tablespoon of salt salt like this add to gorochkoy and 4 tablespoons sugar free slides on the gas and give
  • 06:36: boil our marinade mind our marina km and bring to Now boil We call it in tomatoes Our Bay Marina machines if it turns out that If you do not have a little enough of yes a little marinade press in you can just let no boiling water Now we are taking with you and roll up our the bank the way you want to say that today I
  • 07:07: try a new car in the Seaming roof gone especially on the market Belarus bought riddle, and now we with you now see how it Still rolls good or not here to stops and back now look we rolled our bank we are now it you do not turn over imagine how this rolls machine but if we
  • 07:37: Now we'll see I just want you show Al's a closer look she Rovno edge roll honest pure pleasure It goes like clockwork I before I enjoyed here this seaming machine I will simply comparisons show how she rolls look how Here the Queen banks but I see seaming I want to say they Of course, these are banks are normally But this would not have well here it is
  • 08:08: Of course it is very perfect mystery here so you will ask for that firm headed where I input came on the market where the banks and sell He told me a car bit production Belarus's it Here is such that do not do it this way you tighten up seen here and it's worth 400 rubles, this is now in machine for us Seaming Well what about our tomatoes Cucumbers can be if they amatue can be covered
  • 08:38: cover to cover blanket and leave for the Whole cooling on this I finish my twist tomato tomatoes which can also be not be given to children I doubt you Julia was it me your channel Whether in the garden in the garden till